E-learning videos have become a potent learning tool in this new knowledge era. They add dynamic elements to your knowledge, improve it, demonstrate complex practices, and help you understand difficult topics. That is why YouTube has gained massive importance in learning and gaining general knowledge.

The eLearning videos on YouTube are delightful and have straightforward explanations that make learning fun. Moreover, you can watch an eLearning video as often as possible. 

YouTube can be an excellent source of knowledge for learning if we use it wisely. You can find various videos on various niches like science, technology, Finance, motivational talks, movement ideas, and many more.

It provides a limitless opportunity to boost your knowledge by watching countless videos and creating videos to impart your knowledge to others and get their feedback.

If you want to learn about an entirely new thing altogether different from your sphere, YouTube will be the easiest and most accessible way to start your journey. It would help if you focused on the sector you are interested in and the rest you can trust on YouTube.

YouTube is filled with a diversity of educational videos. Some of them are extremely useful, so in the list below, we have mentioned some of the most reputed and helpful learning videos that may benefit your knowledge hunger.

Best YouTube Channels for Knowledge, Learning & Development

So, without wasting time, let’s investigate the above channels and their descriptions.

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare

Many of us are familiar with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most prestigious technology-based universities globally. MIT OpenCourseWare is a YouTube channel started by MIT to facilitate students worldwide with their world-class teaching methodologies.

It features educational videos consisting of clips from their in-campus lectures and other reputed organizations. You can find various videos ranging from simple algebra to advanced quantum mechanics under one roof of MITOCW. If you want to grow your technological knowledge, you must try out this channel once.

Channel Link

2. ASAP Science


ASAP Science is the most exciting learning channel you will come across—ever wondered if somebody could have transformed our boring Physics into a funny animated series? Sounds interesting enough? ASAP Science is one such channel that does the same thing for you.

It creates videos on different incidents around us and explains the scientific facts behind it in an animated video. The video presents complex scientific facts in easy-to-understand and short animations. 

Channel Link

3. TED


Need motivation in life? Be it in your academics, career plan, or start-up plan, motivation is a crucial aspect that will help you to proceed in your life. TED is a YouTube channel that will help you get expert advice from the best experts worldwide. The track features leading thinkers and doers who share their life experiences and expert advice through a speech in a short 18-minute video.

TED has videos in various niches like technology, Entertainment, Design, and many more. So, if you are interested in gaining knowledge from real-life experience and ideas from expertise, then TED should be the 1st choice on your watchlist.

Channel Link

4. HowStuffWorks


Our following recommendation is a YouTube channel that will help you feed your curiosity and learn about the happenings around you. Whether you are in high school, college, or an adult professional, being curious has always been a human trait. HowStuffWorks is an award-winning learning platform that tries to explain the reasons behind various topics.

The videos on the channel are mainly in a question-answer format featuring different topics. The topics here include health, science, auto, tech culture, money, lifestyle, adventure, animals, and lots more. The videos here are unbiased, reliable, and easy to understand, making your learning simple and to the point.

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5. Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids

If you are looking for an educational platform on YouTube for your kids, then Crash Course Kids will be a favorable option. The channel mainly features grade school science, including Earth science, Biology, Geography, Engineering, and Astronomy.

The videos are mainly in animated form and in simple language to make learning enjoyable for your kids. So, if you are concerned about your kid’s virtual learning through YouTube, you must check their playlist at least once. 

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6. Speak English with Mr. Duncan/ English Addict

English Addict with Mr Duncan

English Addict, popularly known as Speak English with Mr. Duncan, is a YouTube platform to help you sharpen your English-speaking skills. Mr. Duncan is a self-proclaimed English teacher; he aims to help passionate learners learn spoken English practically. 

This channel’s videos mainly focus on practical knowledge of English rather than getting deep into theoretical grammar. The track in the channel covers various topics like nature, news, fashion, survival instinct, and even slang.

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7. Mental Floss

Mental Floss

Want to get a quick dose of knowledge while watching YouTube videos? Are you wondering which channel to refer to? Then, Mental Floss will be an excellent recommendation for you. Mental Floss is a YouTube channel that creates trivia-based mini-videos weekly.

The videos are filled with day-to-day essential facts that viewers may find interesting. So, if you are curious about the reasons behind different events happening around you, Mental Floss is a must-visit channel for you. 

Channel Link

8. Veritasium


If you are looking for a YouTube channel that depicts engineering concepts excellently and straightforwardly, Veritasium could be one of your choices. Veritasium is a YouTube channel that mainly features scientific experiments and engineering ideas involved in our daily lives.

The channel was founded by Derek Alexander Muller and is run individually by him. The main objective of the track is to portray the scientific facts and mechanisms behind our everyday activities. So, with Veritasium, you will find your way out from this dull world of learning through its humorous content along with gaining essential knowledge.

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Apart from our recommendations, you can also find many other channels in various disciplines to help you get enlightened in the light of knowledge. So, now, with eLearning on YouTube, nothing will stop you from achieving your dream and reaching ideal heights.


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