As android took over most of the market these days. And, everyone is talking about just doing something on their Android app. It becomes essential to use these apps and stay connected with your friends. You’ll most of the time find the web alternative for these apps, like a website or online portal. But this is not possible with all of the apps available for android.

So, We have Bluestacks for running all the possible Android apps on the PC. But, sometimes, the features it provides are not enough. So, here I am with a well-researched article about the Best Bluestacks Alternatives You Should Use. I hope that You’ll like it. Let’s have a look at it.

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List of Best Bluestacks Alternatives You Can Use in 2021

Although there are many alternatives for the bluestacks in the market, we will talk about a few of them at the top of this list. If you have any doubt or you want to suggest something. You are welcome in the comments field below this article.

1.) Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

This is the Best Bluestacks alternative; that is why it is at the top of the List—an amazing Operating system designed to give you a PC-like experience with android based apps. You don’t need to install it on your computer.

All you need to do is install it, and it will allow you to launch all the possible apps through your PC. And it is based on version 6.0 of android.

Download Here

2.) Nox Player

Nox Player

Nox Player is a great deal if you like a lot of user interface customization. It is a great alternative for the bluestacks, and it comes with preloaded basic android apps, which you can use for your purpose. You can play all the games easily in this Rooted OS. So, you won’t even need to care about some applications not running on your system.

Download Here

3.) Andyroid


On number 3 on our list is Andy – the bluestacks alternative. This one is another great alternative, and you can use almost all possible android apps and games in it. It can be called the true competitor of Bluestacks as it provides all the features of Bluestacks. But, it also allows us to use additional features. And its user interface adds to its beauty.

Download Here

4.) MEmu Play

MEmu Play

This one may be 4th on the list, but it doesn’t mean that it is of no worth. It is one of those android emulators which supports multi-core & multi-architecture CPUs. And, you can run almost all the android apps on any CPU now. Thanks to this Great emulator.

Download Here

5.) KoPlayer


Last but not least. This one is a really great competitor of Bluestacks – as it has all the functionalities of it. It has a great stylist User Interface, which attracts users more than the features it provides.

Its work adds to its beauty. You can use this program if you are the one who enjoys beauty in the computer world. Mainly this one is for the users who are crazy gamers. It gives a great performance in fewer resources.

Download Here

From Editor’s Desk

So, You’ve reached the end of this article. I hope you’ve liked the information based on my research and data gathering about the Best Bluestacks Alternatives if you like my work or have any doubts about any point mentioned in the article.

You are welcome in the comment field below. I’ll try to reply to your comment as soon as possible. Thanks for your time; I’ll soon be back with some interesting topics.


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