Do you know what Carfax is? If yes, then no worries, you can skip this part and go ahead. If you are not aware of Carfax, let me tell you that it is a commercial website that gives vehicle reports.

Many of them purchase used vehicles; at that time, the buyer wants to know the vehicle’s full history. At that time, you can use Carfax. Before you spent a considerable amount on the car, you check all the details of that vehicle.

Overall, this website is a good one, but the problem is, it is a paid site. For one report, it asks $39.99, and for five reports, $59.99. In the free version, it only tells you the car model.

So, if you don’t want to spend money on this site, you can check out similar websites for free or have cheaper fees. Here, we have provided a list of Carfax alternatives, which will help you get all the vehicle details before buying it.

List of Best Carfax Alternatives You Can Use to Check Vehicle History:-

1. Driving Tests

Driving test
Driving Tests

Driving Tests is a free website to look for Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Get all the details of the vehicle without paying any fees. Just open the website and enter the VIN and search for it. It will show you a 3D image of the vehicle, recent complaints, recent recalls, and the official data.

Visit Driving Tests Website

2. VINCheck


VINCheck protects buyers from buying a stolen vehicle. This service is provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) branch. It allows you to check up to five vehicles in twenty-four hours from one IP address.

It is effortless to use; open the website, and under the “How We Help” section, you can enter the VIN and search. After that, you will see the information about the vehicle.

Visit VINCheck website

3. AutoCheck


The AutoCheck website is a paid site, but it is cheaper than Carfax. If you want to check for only one vehicle, then you have to pay $24.99. And if you pay $49.99, you can search for 15 vehicles. If you don’t want to see much details and want a model, engine, country for the vehicle, you can get it for free.

If you don’t have a VIN number, you can enter the License plate number and get the details. It is the best way to get all the information as it also has an Android and iOS app. Moreover, it will show you a list of similar cars.

Visit AutoCheck Website

4. Autofax

auto fax

Though Autofax is not a free website to check the vehicle’s history, it is a cheaper site. Just pay $8.99 to check the details of any vehicle, including past owners of the vehicle, title, odometer, records, flood damage, and accident history. For iOS devices, there is an app available on the App Store.

One of the best ways to get reports for free is by earning referral credits from others when you refer. You can check the sample report before you pay.

Visit Autofax Website 

5. VINSmart

Vin smart

VINSmart has Android and iOS apps with which the user can get all the vehicle information on their smartphones. It provides information from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

You can see data like vehicle agencies, insurance, and salvage auctions. For one report, you need to pay $9.95; for 9 reports, pay $6.95 and for more than 9 reports, pay $5.95.

Visit VINSmart Website

6. Check ThatVIN

check that vin
Check ThatVIN

Check ThatVIN also asks for fees, but it is cheaper than any other website. To check the vehicle history, pay $3.50 for each VIN. It also has an app on the App Store. It uses an advanced search tool that accesses the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System).

You can see details of title history, odometer readings, checks the vehicles listed as junk, flood automobile, or salvages.

Visit the Check ThatVIN Website

7. VinAudit

VIN audit

NMVTIS approves VinAudit, and it is a paid service. You will see the reports on all the critical issues of the vehicle. Like if it has got flood damage, fire, hail, or other damage. Moreover, you will also know the ownership status with which you can easily transfer a vehicle.

You can also check the market value of the model. It costs around $9.99 to order and view one vehicle’s history and can download and print. If you are not sure about getting a subscription, you can first check out the sample on the website, and then you can buy it.

Visit the VinAudit Website


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