Cloudstream is one of the popular streaming platforms that provides movies, TV shows, web series, and many others for free. So if you’re considering downloading Cloudstream on Android, then we’re here help you to install and use Cloudstream on Android.

Since Cloudstream doesn’t host any content itself, setting up its repository can be a bit challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. Therefore, we have comprehensive guidelines to help you prepare for watching and enjoying your favorite movies and shows without any hindrance.

How to Install and Use Cloudstream on Android

Although downloading and installing Cloudstream on Android is easy, setting up may look difficult for the very first time. Fret not; following this easy-to-follow guide, you can use it.

  1. Go to the Cloudstream website, and download  Cloudstream APK version.
  2. Install and open it, then Tap on Settings > Extension.tap on Settings Extension
  3. Here you have to tap on + Add Repository.+ Add Repository
  4. Go to Cloudstream Repo and Click on Install button you can Copy URL as per your language preference.Click on Install button you can Copy URL
  5. Now to go back to the App, Paste the Link, Name your Repo, and click on Add Repository.Paste the Link, Name your Repo, and click on Add Repository
  6. On the next Screen, you need to click on Download Button to download all plugins.
  7. After that, search for your favorite movies, TV series, anime, Asian Dramas, Cartoons, Documentaries and Live for your favorite movies
  8. Tap on the movie; now you can either Play Movie or Download it for an offline watch.Play the movie or Download it

About Cloudstream

Cloudstream is the open-source streaming platform you can use on Android, FireStick, and Android TV. With it, you can watch thousands of movies, web series, TV shows, songs, anime movies and shows, and many more content.

It not only offers content for free but is also totally free from annoying advertisements. You can also download available content from there. Everything about Cloudstream is good until its content source stops working.

Generally, Cloudstream neither hosts any content nor uploads its server right now. Previously, it used allow to streaming content directly from its server. After the multiple DMCA notices, the platform had to stop direct content distribution.

Since then, Cloudstream has started indexing movies, TV shows, and other content from different sources to make it easy for a user. Using this, you can search for movies to watch online or download for later in a user-friendly and convenient user interface.

Is Cloudstream Legit and Safe to Use?

As of now, Cloudstream has not uploaded any content to its own server for streaming and downloading. Therefore, there is no problem with using Cloudstream. It just integrates content sources on its video player.

It’s a concern for content distributors if they’re providing content without any legal permission. However, legitimacy may vary from country to country rules. So, you are sure about everything.

Is It Safe to Download Movies from the Repositories on Cloudstream?

Just like watching content on Cloudstream, downloading movies from the repositories is a concern for many users. While it is possible to download movies from there, we do not recommend such actions due to the involvement of unauthorized content distribution.


Cloudstream for Android, available through the Cloudstream APK, Functions as a reliable Cloudstream repository, this innovative app seamlessly integrates cloud technology into the Android platform.

Its user-friendly interface, robust security, and efficient synchronization capabilities redefine convenience. From streaming high-definition videos to real-time collaboration, Cloudstream for Android simplifies tasks effortlessly. With continuous updates, it adapts to evolving digital needs, promising a more connected future.


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