Discord is an entertaining platform for influencers, creators, or interacting with people virtually. You can talk, chat, listen, and do many fun things with other people. There are bots and themes that make Discord even more fun. However, if you want your Discord to be the best, there are some really great Discord themes that you can try. 

Discord on its own does not support any themes, but you can use the BetterDiscord mod to get some cool themes for your Discord. It is an add-on for Discord that allows users to play around with themes, plugins, Twitch emotes, and a lot more. 

This guide will find the list of the best Discord themes that you can apply to make your Discord more fun using BetterDiscord. So, as you know, BetterDiscord is a modded version of Discord and violates Discord’s terms of service. That is something to keep in mind and with that said, here is the list of the best Discord themes.

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List of Best Better Discord Themes in 2024

1. The Black Hole Theme

The Black Hole ThemeThe Black Hole theme is easily one of the most popular Discord themes. People who are keen on the universe and stars will love this theme a lot. The developers have perfectly compiled stars, planets, and outer space in a stunning theme. Also, this is a dark theme, which makes it easy for users to view content at night. 

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2. Ultra Theme

UltraNext on the list is Ultra, a modern theme for Discord. Its aesthetics are centered around a vaporwave-esque aesthetic. But, again, this is a dark theme, and they just nail it with the amount of blacks in the conversation screen and the menu. 

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3. ClearVision Theme

ClearVision ThemeComing from top-rated developers untuned, ClearVision is a great Discord theme that works with BetterDiscord. The great thing about this theme is its customization to the users. The theme has blue aesthetics, which go well with the theme’s background image. This theme is a must-try for everyone who likes translucent looks. 

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4. Fluent Theme

Fluent ThemeThe Fluent theme for Discord is inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. It is relatively new compared to the other themes on the list. This time, the design brings the Windows 11 feel to Discord. The theme is still in the early phases of development, but it is quite promising. 

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5. Frosted Glass

Frosted GlassIf you are looking for something different and unique, like the feel of an opaque piece of glass, then Frosted Glass for BetterDiscrod can be a great choice. There are many great things about this theme, and the best thing is that it gives an appealing vibe to the entire interface. Users can choose a suitable background picture that perfectly complements the whole frosted glass aesthetic. 

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6. Dark Matter

Dark Matter ThemeThis new Dark Matter BetterDiscord theme is a modified version of the Drak Matter Theme offered by Comic Salad. However, the levels of customizations that you get on this theme are just the next level.

It has a dark overlay, which is easily visible on top of the background. The theme uses pink, blue, red, yellow, and green colors for fonts for different areas, making it suitable. 

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7. Material Discord Theme

Material Discord ThemeLast year, Google introduced Material You design for Android, a new UI approach centered on the needs of the people using the phone. Well, Material Discord just tries to bring that same approach in the form of a theme.

Like the Material You designed, you will see rounded corners to message bubbles. So, if you are really into the whole Material You thing, make sure to check this one out. 

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8. Server List Theme

Server List ThemeThe server list is a unique theme in many aspects. First of all, this theme presents you with a list of servers in a horizontal list. Then the theme can also be combined with other unique themes. Just because of its ability to combine with other themes, you should try out Server List.  

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9. Dracula Discord Theme

Dracula Discord ThemeIf you are looking for a great dark theme that can bring a stunning aesthetic to your Discord, then Dracula is the best. It is quite popular, and people use it on their code editor apps, but now you can use it on Discord. There is a community version of this theme, which has a lot of customization options. You can check that out as well. 

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10. Spotify Discord Theme

Spotify Discord ThemeSpotify Discord is easily one of the best Discord themes and if you are a Spotify user, you will love it even more. This theme brings the entire design and color palette from the Spotify app, which is excellent.

To put it simply, this theme makes your Discord look like the classic Spotify desktop interface. Its implementation is flawless, and you should definitely check it out. 

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