Having a Discord server can be of great use. I mean, who would not like to have a platform to chat, moderate conversations, schedule events, and such tasks of great importance. Moreover, Discord has now even made its place in the best chat services for the gaming industry. And there are many cool bots, such as music bots for Discord. These bots or services can play songs or your favorite playlist of soundtracks or songs of your liking.

Discord is not only limited to gaming, but it also can integrate with different bots, and it lets you explore much more than that. So, today we will be looking at some of the most beneficial Discord music bots that you will love to have on your server. With these music bots, you can enjoy listening to music and have fun at the same time.

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List of Best Discord Music Bots in 2022

Check out these excellent Discord music bots you can have on your Discord server. The following list of bots is best in terms of features and usability. Plus, you can use them to their full potential without facing any interruptions or lags:

1. FredBoat


FredBoat is a free Discord music bot; it is a very basic one in the sense of simplicity and usability. Its music commands are quite easy to remember, plus you can stream high-quality music on your device. Moreover, it does not require any configuration or setup. FredBoat lets you stream music from sources like Youtube, Twitch, Soundcloud, etc.

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2. Rhythm Bot

Rhythm Bot

Rhythm is a popular choice when it comes to the best music bots for Discord. Like FredBoat, Rhythm also provides you with an excellent music listening experience from multiple sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, and more.

Besides letting you stream high-quality music, Rhythm additionally provides the lyrics as well. So now you can hum your favorite songs while you listen to them.

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3. Ayana


Ayana is considered a multipurpose Discord bot is written in Node.js. It is a customizable all-in-one solution to satisfy all your music requirements. Moreover, it keeps receiving frequent updates with much-enhanced features.

It is a multilingual bot for your discord server, which brings great music collections from popular services like Youtube, Clyp, Twitch, Soundcloud, etc.

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4. dabBot


dabBot is another perfect music bot for your Discord. It features over a thousand radio stations along with playlist support. You can enjoy listening to some high-quality mind-bending music with this simple bot. It provides music from different platforms, like Youtube and Twitch. Also, the UI is a pretty easy one to navigate.

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5. Groovy


One of the feature-rich and lag-free Discord music bot. Although, it is not available for free if you want to take full leverage of this bot. It is a very stable one that provides you with high-quality music. You can directly listen to your favorite music from sources like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

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6. Watora


Another fantastic music bot that lest you listen from a wide range of music collection. Watora is free to use Discord bot that lets you create your playlists. It is completely integrated with Spotify, thus provides you with a quality experience.

Also, it can play songs automatically in a random sequence. So, create a playlist of your favorites and let Watora do the rest without further interruption while you do other works.

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7. Vexera


Vexera is a powerful but straightforward music bot that lets you stream songs from multiple sources. You could listen to any desired song starting from the vintage classic to the modern rock.

However, its cool moderation features are what makes it a unique one on the list. Plus, you get around 15 different languages to choose from, so it completes your lingual requirements as well. And if you want to unlock it to its full potential, the premium version comes with additional features like volume control, autoplay, bass, etc.

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8. 24/7


Now, as the name speaks, 24/7 lets you keep streaming music without any limitation of time. You can play your favorites at any time and even listen to the radio stations of your choice. It lest you have a breathless experience with no interruptions at all.

The freemium version also lets you live-stream shows on Youtube, which is one of the main reasons it’s my personal favorite. Moreover, if you choose to move to the premium version high, you are welcomed with a vast library of features.

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From Editor’s Desk

In the end, I would love to hear your comments regarding your favorite Discord music bot. These were some of the best and most recommended ones I found looking at their UI and features. So, if you were looking for the best one for your server, I hope you can spice things up with one of them.


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