It is easy to search for anything on the internet nowadays. You might know search engines for text, images, videos, torrents, etc. However, today we will talk about search engines that can search for faces.

That’s right; you can now search for faces on search engines. It is a great tool if you’re looking to reverse search anyone’s profile, then you can use these services for free.

Face recognition search engines are the future of image searching. As it can actively search for faces in pictures and can show similar photos of the same personalities and you can retrieve most of the info of a person like a phone number, address, etc.

It is great if you search for someone’s profile or portfolio based on one picture. It is also very useful when you need to identify a person’s details when you only have a photo.

Best Face Recognition Search Engines

Although many emerging face search engines work well. However, we will only list the best that works great and accurately recognize pictures. So enjoy our list of best face recognition search engines to search faces:

1. Google Face Search

Google Face Search

Google Images search doubles as a face search. Where you can upload a picture of a persona and it will find all the similar photos which look similar. It is one of the most used face recognition search engine used all around the world.

Google Face Search is the most reliable engine when it comes to accuracy. So if you want to do a reverse image search, then Google face search is. All you have to do is to open their website and upload a picture. As a result, it will list all the images and websites hosting those images.

2. Yandex


Yandex is a popular search engine in Russia. So if you don’t live in Russia, you might have not heard about it, but it is an excellent search engine for anything. And it offers reverse image search too.

So you can reverse search any mage by uploading it on their server. The result page will list all the image sizes and similar images. It is simple to use a Yandex search feature, so try it out.

3. Pinterest Image Search

Pinterest Image Search

Did you know that Pinterest also has a reverse image search inbuilt into its website? If you’re shocked, you are not the only one. So I recommend you try this one right away.

Pinterest reverses search images great for looking up models and stars since it has got a huge collection of images. So in case Google reverses the search and Yandex doesn’t work, then you can try this one instead.

4. How Old Do I Look

How Old Do I Look

It’s rather a funny concept instead of an actual reverse image search. However, it works on the same principle. It scans a picture and its face, then tries to guess the age of the person inside it.

The services are run by Microsoft and are a great feature to play with. It can not be used for looking up images, but it sure is a great way to find our age, lol.

5. Bing Image Search

Bing Image SearchHow can we forget about Bing when we are talking about search engines? Bing is a popular search engine in the United Kingdom and Great Britain. And it offers similar searches Google search engine does.

It is backed by Microsoft and is excellent. Bing’s reverse image search is fantastic. Not only is it fast and accurate, but it also finds similar images and can guess the search keywords for the same.

6. TinEye


TinyEye is another reverse image search website that works great. It can actively look for faces in images and similar faces in the result. All you have to do is go to their website and upload their pictures.

You will see a results list showing web pages hosting the same or similar image. It is a great feature if you are trying to gather a website that hosts a particular image.

7. PicWiser

Picwiser is a search engine designed for recognizing similar (or identical) images on the essentials of a loaded graphic. The system runs on leading technology and uses innovation which gives the output by identifying objects in the uploaded image in place of identifying words.

This search engine ( is 10 months shorter than celebrating its 10th birthday. The estimated worth of this site is $8.95 and the daily income is about $0.15.  Surprisingly no active threats were reported recently by any of its users, so this site is SAFE to browse.

8. BetaFace

Betaface is a face recognition as well as a face detection search engine. It provides many facilities like scanning the uploaded image files or image URLs. It helps to find faces and also to analyze them. The API also pledges verifications and identification services.

Its algorithms are tuned well to provide the best results on inputs (images and videos) of even low quality, irrespective of camera type or lighting conditions.

So, guys, these are all the top face reverse search engines you can use to look for similar faces in a photo. We recommend you try these all and see which suits your needs better.


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