Flixtor is a well-known platform among movie lovers. It is a website for streaming movies and TV shows. It is loved for the vast collection of shows and movies to choose from various available options.

The site, however, has been down for a while now. The problem is seen after the site had a nameserver update. This has left many of its users dissatisfied and many are looking for the best flixtor alternative sites where they can enjoy great movies and tv shows as flixtor.

One of the main benefits of this alternative site is you can also download these movies and watch them later. I know adopting a new website interface is a bit difficult but soon you are used to it. So let’s jump into the list.

List of Best Alternatives to Flixtor and Similar Apps in 2022

So this article is for the ones who have been looking for alternatives to Flixtor. Following is a list of movie streaming sites you can use and continue enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

1. Popcornflix

This site is a good alternative to Flixtor as it provides shows and movies from multiple genres like horror, action, comedy, romance and many more. The search bar lets you look for specific shows or movies you want to watch. The homepage is pretty simple to understand and the content is well segregated. It has ads. 


You can use it on your Android, iOS devices as well as on your desktop. The streaming speed is great and the video quality is high. So, grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy streaming on Popcornflix.

2. Crackle


Another great alternative to Flixtor is Crackle. Operated and owned by Sony, the site is reliable for streaming TV shows and movies and is entirely legal. The dynamic user interface and a huge collection of shows are the factors that attract a vast audience.

3. Yahoo View

Yahoo View

A completely free and legal website that makes watching and downloading shows and movies very easy for users. The user interface is a well-developed one. The site also contains trailers of upcoming shows. With minimum ads, this site has a good quality video player that optimizes the quality of the video based on your internet speed.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi has a user-friendly interface and contains many movies and TV shows. You can sign up on the site for a free account and then the content you see will be personalized based on your choices. Content is categorized into horror, action, drama and romance. Application is available for Android, iOS, Roku, AppleTV and other streaming units.

5. Hotstar


This is a popular site owned by Star. The content on this site is available in nine different languages. It even has some web series of its own. The site lets you stream selected movies and TV shows for free. 

You can go for a VIP or Premium account for additional features by paying the subscription fee. The app is easy to use as the user interface is really good. It even has native Android and iOS applications.

6. Zona

With services quite similar to Flixtor, Zona is a Russian alternative for Flixtor. The display can be personalized with different themes. You can download content and watch it later. In addition, it provides a variety of shows and movies for users with different tastes.


You can choose Zona’s streaming quality, size, subtitles, and audio. The site is loved by the users for the 550 radio stations, 1000K music hours and 150 TV channels available, along with a collection of movies.

7. ShareTV


The site is community-based and operated by its fans. You can enjoy endless hours of movies and TV shows on this site free of cost. The user interface is also well designed. You can watch Anime, horror, comedy, romance, fiction and much more with this site.

8. Yidio


This site is different from the others on this list as it provides third-party links from where you can watch movies or TV shows. The site is basically a collection of TV shows and movies and their streaming links. The user interface is quite impressive and this can be an excellent alternative to Flixtor.

9. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoyThe greatest benefit of MoviesJoy is the ability to sort or search for films by genre. It will save you time and the hassle of searching through each movie and deciding which one you love. It allows access to over 1,000 amazing films with only a single click. But, the subtitles on this platform can’t be adjusted or disabled. This means that you’ll have to play movies with subtitles turned on.

In terms of customer experience, it’s satisfactory. The site is simple to use and offers high-definition content for its users. The films are labeled HD as well as Cam. Therefore, you can pick the one that is more suitable for you.

10. Project Free TV

ProjectFreeTVProject Free TV is not an actual streaming site. It’s more of a simple list of TV shows. When you’ve found the show you’d like to watch, you’ll have to click the link to a third-party website hosting the video. PFTV isn’t as easy and easy to use as our top three choices, so you may need to test a few different sites to discover one that is reliable.

We didn’t see ads on the leading site. However, third-party sites could send some ads to you. Certain sites let you decide whether you want to download or stream the videos. We don’t recommend downloading content from other websites. Project Free TV has almost every show you can imagine and the addition of new shows every day.


 Most of the Flixtor content is available on these sites as well. So in case you are not able to watch your shows on Flixtor, you can go for these alternatives and continue streaming and enjoying your shows.  


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