A Gantt Chart is simply a bar chart that shows a project schedule. With modern project management software, you get Gantt Charts built-in, and they are now an integral part of any project. 

Investing in dedicated project management software might be unfeasible if you have a small team or a low budget. So today, we present you with the list of the best free Gantt Charts software. Some of the software on the list are paid, but they do offer good free trials. 

Best Free Gantt Chart Software

1. Zoho Projects

If you are looking for Gantt Chart software with many customization options, Zoho Projects is an excellent option. It offers a 10-day free trial at USD 5 per monthly user. So it is pretty affordable too. Its features include task management, blueprints, automation, time, and issue tracking.

Zoho ProjectsThere is also the chat option using which users can collaborate seamlessly. Apart from the seamless integration with all the Zoho apps, it also integrates with Google & Microsoft apps, Slack, Dropbox, repository tools, and Zapier. The tool makes it easy to set and track milestones. So make sure to give it a try. 

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2. ClickUp

Next up on the list is ClickUp, which is easily one of the best project management tools in the market. Its features, integrations, and customization options make it highly popular. You get Gantt charts, Kanban boards, calendars, conversations, and reminders. The interface of the tool is very easy and fun. 

ClickUpIf we talk about features, you get app customization, more than 15 views, collaborative documents, reports, whiteboards, time tracking, and chat. One of its remarkable features is the ability to attach tasks to emails. Then the task creation is super flexible/customizable. The tool has a free version, but you must pay for premium features. 

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3. RedBooth

RedBooth is not just a Gantt Chart tool. It is a fully-fledged project management tool. So you get Gantt charts and timeline views for project planning. The task management features of this tool are excellent. You can create task lists, edit the start and due dates, and add multiple assignees to work on a task.

RedBoothThere are tons of templates, and you can store the same task list for complex projects as a template. So the entire project management process is seamless. A Chrome extension also allows you to manage projects in real-time using a browser.

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4. OpenProject

Next up on the list is OpenProject; this is another great project management tool. It is an open-source project management software; the best thing is that you can use it for classic, agile, or hybrid project management. Since it is an open-source project management software, you can customize it per your business needs.

OpenProjectSpeaking about features, you get Gantt charts, agile boards, scheduling, calendar, time tracking, reports, budgeting, bug tracking, and templates. Then there is no cap on the number of projects or team members. The only thing is that you need high technical knowledge to deploy the tool.  

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5. ProofHub

If you want to try Gantt Charts and other project management features, try ProofHub. There is a 14-day free trial, and you can try Gantt charts with your teams and plan, manage, and track task progress.

The task management features of the tool are excellent as it allows you to visualize task dependencies, highlight critical paths, and drag and drop tasks.

ProofHubIt is also great for collaboration, as there is a built-in chat feature, and you can comment on boards. There are discussion boards as well. The best thing is that it offers flat pricing, and you do not have to pay for every member. 

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6. Toggl Plan

If you are looking for a tool that can provide excellent visual planning, then Toggl Plan is an excellent option. It is easily one of the best free Gantt chart tools in the market. The tool has a drag-and-drop interface and an intuitive design, making it easy to use. 

Toggl PlanA timeline view gives team members a bird’s eye view of tasks and deadlines. Overall, the task management features of this tool are excellent, and when you combine them with robust collaboration features, it becomes a powerful tool.

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7. nTask

nTask is another excellent option for people looking for the best Gantt Chart software. You get some of the most interactive Gantt Charts with this tool. The charts have milestones, to-do lists, checklists, and risk management, so it covers everything. 

nTasknTask facilitates the automatic creation of tasks which means you can create Gantt charts as you work on different projects, append tasks, and add project schedule details. The only disadvantage is that sometimes it can be difficult to manage multiple projects with this tool. 

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8. Agantty

Next up is Agantty, and it is a free Gantt Chart software. The tool allows you to create unlimited projects, tasks, and teams. Additionally, you can also share information with external users. All the information on the tool is encrypted, and there is also an Android and iOS app. 

AganttyThe drag-and-drop feature to create tasks is as seamless as it gets. The tool is web-based, so you just need a device with an internet browser, and you can work seamlessly. 

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