Having a little fun now and then is never out of trend and because of the hybrid workflow for most of us, getting stress-buster moments is hard. There is only so much fun you can do in a virtual meeting, but what if you could add some fun elements to your meeting? 

Well, for that, one of the easiest ways is to add a fun background to your Zoom meeting. Literally, you do not even have to say a thing, and people will recognize it on their own and laugh. But here, the key is to add an enjoyable background that could make people laugh. 

So in this guide, we will list down some funny Zoom backgrounds to try right now. You can add these backgrounds in your Zoom meeting next time that way. You can have a little bit of fun even when interacting with people virtually.  

List of Best Funny Zoom Backgrounds

1. Be a Real Housewife

Be a Real HousewifeThere is no doubt that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is more than a TV show now, it’s part of the pop culture now and this iconic photo from the show is just something else.

Even if someone hasn’t watched the show, they have seen this photo. Next time you want to rant in a meeting, having this as a background will put you on the map. 

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2. Shine Like a Sun

Shine Like a SunIt might sound cringe-now, but back in the day. We have all watched Teletubbies with full dedication. No doubt that it was an important part of our childhood and if you want to take a trip down memory lane, this wallpaper will do it by making you laugh. It is a perfect background for early morning Zoom meetings and you can say Shine Like a Sun!

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3. Get Locked Up

Get Locked UpThis funny Zoom background will be relatable to a lot of people if they have been stuck in their homes for a while now. It is simply a lockup cell that looks very bad and that is what it mostly feels like now, even at home. Many places still have a lot of restrictions in place and it feels like we are locked up in jail. 

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4. The Distracted Boyfriend

The Distracted BoyfriendOne of the most iconic memes ever will serve as one of the funniest Zoom backgrounds. Once you add this to your background, you don’t have to say anything, people are going to laugh and the conversations will start automatically.

So if you feel like distracting yourself and your colleagues simultaneously, make sure to use this Zoom background and it will crack everyone up. 

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5. Hosting a TV Show

Hosting a TV ShowIf you feel like ranting, there is nothing more fun than this background. You get the Hollywood talk show feels and if you have an issue on which you want to speak, have this background and be as savage as you can be. Roast people, make fun of them, and do whatever you want! It will just be a great addition to the background. 

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6. A Zombie Apocalypse

A Zombie ApocalypseIt might not be the funniest background on the list, but it is still great to break the awkward barrier. This while COVID-19 felt like a Zombie apocalypse, which is what this background will radiate in a meeting. Also, this background will be a fun element for any nerd meeting as it will have people ask questions to which you can reply with any number of funny things. 

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7. Garbage in the Background

Garbage in the BackgroundThe oldest trick in the book is to add garbage in the background and make people laugh. So make sure to use this Zoom background next time in a meeting. First of all, they will ask why you are near a dumpster, and that opens a lot of points for you to make funny jokes. 

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8. The Confused Math Lady

The Confused Math LadyAnother iconic meme is the confused math lady and this Zoom background will be perfectly hilarious for a meeting in which you have a lot of doubts. Without even saying anything, you are simply going to say everything. It will be a perfect way to make people laugh and relieve some stress in the room. 

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9. From the Oval Office

From the Oval OfficeFeeling like a president today? You might not be able to become a president, but you can definitely pretend to be one in a Zoom meeting by using the Oval Office Zoom background on your next Zoom meeting. 

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10. Your Average Conference Room

Your Average Conference RoomAn amusing Zoom background would be to add a conference room the background. Even after all the restrictions, the average conference room is a great way to add a funny element to the meeting. 

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