Garageband is a music and podcast creating software that is only available for macOS and iOS devices. Sadly it is not supported by the windows, but we searched the best Garageband alternatives for windows. Garageband is a pretty cool software as you can combine multiple tracks here and can create your music.

Along with this, you will get various instrumental songs that you can add to your music, as well as your voice recordings too. As it’s not for windows, we listed the alternatives below, which will provide you with more features than Garageband. These alternatives work on multiple platforms, so no need to worry that it will work or not.

Every music creator, whether professional or individual, needs software for creating music. These alternatives to Garageband will help you to create any music with a lot of features. With the help of these features, you can play your music in a loop and can create new music with that.

Along with this, you can apply virtual instruments voice to your music, which will take your music to the next level. These all software consist of all essential features which are needed for the music creator. So let’s check out the software and finds the best one for you.

Garageband Alternatives For Windows
Garageband Alternatives For Windows

List of 10 Best Garageband Alternatives For Windows PC:-

1) Audiotool 


Audiotool is German web-based music creating a website for the music creators. It is the best alternatives to Garageband for windows because of its features. The best part is you don’t need software for this; hence, you can create music anytime and anywhere.

They provide quickly share options, so after creating music, you can easily share it to Soundcloud, youtube, and various social platforms.

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2) Cubase


If you need professional music creating software, then it will be best for you. The software allows users to create, mix, and records various tracks. The best part is it is available in 9 languages for better communication with their users.

It will help the users to track their chords while creating music. The software will allow you to insert chords manually as well as it can also detect it automatically. It also consists of digital audio editing tools for the basic editing of the music.

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3) Reaper


Reaper is fantastic music creating tool and can be a great budget alternative to GarageBand. However, it is a bit more complex than the others, but it allows next level customizations.

You can add effects to your tracks, edit, and layer pre-recorded tracks or recordings.  Moreover, it features MIDI Notation Editor, real-time track programming, and many more.  It costs around $60 and offers a free trial version as well.

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4) Studio One

Studio One

Studio One music creation tool is very flexible as it is compatible with iPad’s, Android Tabs, and also Windows Tablet. So, you can enjoy using it from anywhere seamlessly rather than carrying your laptop with you.

If you are good with the limited VST’s you can surely stick to its artist version else, you need to upgrade to the pro version to utilize 3rd-party VST’s. Overall, it features amazing tools like harmonic editions, MIDI sequence editor, etc.

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5) Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio
Soundation Studio

Soundation Studio will allow you to create music online with a lot of features offered by them. You can create a vast library of your edited audio with the help of this. It is a complete audio editor tool that allows you to make a minor to significant changes in the audio.

It consists of all the features needed by the beginner to the professional. It also has various instruments sounds which you can insert to your audio.

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6) Mixcraft7


Mixcraft7 is one of the best software to replace Garageband in every aspect.  Along with audio editing, it also allows you to do video editing. Their new feature allows users to control audio signals as well as effects parameters.

The software also includes live performance recording, which enables you to record videos of various events. It will also help you to do track grouping, which means mixing of multiple tracks to a single track.

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7) Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam
Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam will help you to give a platform for sharing your music across the world. You can create your music and can share music in the world within the app. Along with this, the software provides intuitive features with amazing results.

The software will also allow you to record your vocal and give the vocal an additional effect. You will also get an 8-channel mixer, which will help you in easy mixing of the audio.

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LMMS is open-source software for audio mixing. The best feature of this app is you will get different beats, resonant sound which you can use in your music. The interface of this software is modern as well as, which will allow you to use their features easily.

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9) FL Studio

FL Studio
FL Studio

FL Studio is also known as FruityLoops, which is a graphical user interface(GUI)  based music creating software. The software contains lifetime free updates, which means the user can shift to the next update without paying any charges.

The interface of this app is unique, which allow their users to complete the task with reliability. FL Studio is used by famous DJs like Martin Garrix, Avicii. The software contains various types of editions such as fruity edition, producer edition.

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10) Ableton Live

Ableton Live
Ableton Live

If you are looking for powerful real-time editing software for your audio, then it is for you. You will get advanced editing features here along with colourful customization. The flexibility and working of this software will probably impress you. The software will give you high-quality music as an output.

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