Huawei counters US Commerce Department seize with a lawsuit Recently the US Commerce Department seize Huawei telecommunication equipment in Alaska. Huawei claims that the equipment that was seized was made in China. They were brought in California, the USA for testing. When the testing was finished, they were on their way back to China. They are covered under Export Administration Regulations.

This is the latest development in the on-going battle between Trump’s administration and Huawei. The US Commerce Department claims that the equipment included a computer server and Ethernet switch that was used by Huawei to spy. That the telecommunications gear would be handed to Beijing.

US requesting extradition for Huawei CEO from Canada

Huawei Filed a Lawsuit Against the US Commerce Department.
Huawei Filed a Lawsuit Against the US Commerce Department.

The filing says that the equipment was made in China and didn’t require a license.

Moreover, there has been no comment by the US govt on whether they need a license or not. The equipment is stored in an Alaskan warehouse. The US Commerce Department has declined all requests to comment on the lawsuit.

Huawei wants the commerce department to either release its equipment or to prove how the equipment was shipped illegally.

Last December, the Canadian detained Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou on a US warrant. Since then, the USA is adamant for her extradition on charges she lied to global banks about Huawei’s relationship with an Iranian company and this has received massive covering from all domains. Shortly after, the Chinese arrested two Canadian citizens on a charge of espionage.

Tensions have been high between the US and China since May. When Trump administration imposed a ban on Huawei on the charge, they are spying for Beijing. However, US President Donald Trump is confident that he can sign a trade deal with China to resolve the ban on Huawei and get the issue sorted.


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