The shocking move from President Donald Trump about placing the Chinese Brand Huawei in Entity List is still affecting the industry in one or another way. Recently business analysts from Wall Street have estimated the loss that Google has to bear due to it. Now, Apple sales are in line with this ban.

Apple Sales in China Can Go Down the Drain

Huawei has lost Android software, chip manufacturer, and many other services and products because of it. The company is facing huge disruptions now. The effects on Google and Qualcomm are understandable but Apple is also going to get affected by it.

Huawei V/S Apple: iPhone Sales Under Threat as Trump Bans Huawei
Huawei V/S Apple: iPhone Sales Under Threat as Trump Bans Huawei

This decision of Trump has resulted in an economic war between China and America. If China plans to take revenge on America, it can stop Apple products from entering the country. Apple has a huge market in China for its phones and this decision may affect its sales a lot.

Goldman Sachs has given a report about the same

Goldman analysts led by Rod Hall wrote in a note that they have no view on a ban or any other potential restrictions on the iPhone maker but that they have received questions from investors on Apple’s exposure to China. The 29% estimate is equal to $3.35 that Goldman expects would be shaved off Apple’s full-year EPS consensus estimate of $11.47.

“This represents 100% of estimated Apple earnings exposure to mainland China and Hong Kong combined with some offset assumed for sales & marketing cost savings.” This may sound like an expectation but it can be implemented if China takes a step about it.


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