GIFs are important elements that speak more than words – especially when we use GIFs in an email. Today we will learn the best ways to insert GIFs into an email in Gmail with a step-by-step guide.

GIFs are not new; they have been used over a period of time. Since it’s very easy to consume and understand what other wants to express. They will maintain their popularity in the future, no doubt,

Moreover, GIFs are not only appealing and understandable but also very effective to hook people’s attention. So let’s how we can add GIFs to Gmail without wasting time.

Best Ways to Insert GIFs into an Email in Gmail

Whether you’re using Gmail on your mobile device or desktop, we’ve easy ways for both devices. Although, you’ll also get some additional features to add more GIF collections.

1. Insert GIFs into Email in Gmail on Android

More than 75% of users of Gmail are on mobile, so there are obvious reasons some of them want to add GIFs to Gmail to look Gmail more visually appealing and message-driven.

Any feature-rich keyboard will help you with it. Even the default GBoard will help to add GIFs. Otherwise, check out the best GIFs keyboard for Android to add more GIF collections.

  1. Open the Gmail app, and tap on Compose button.
  2. Simply tap on the emoji icon on the keyboard.emoji icon
  3. Next, heads over to GIF options.heads over to GIF options
  4. Then, choose any GIF to be featured in the Gmail mail, however, you can search other GIFs as well.choose any GIF to be featured in the mail
  5. Now get ready to hit the sent button with a GIF.

2. Add GIFs in Gmail on PC

Adding GIFs to an email in Gmail using PC is a bit of a hectic task, either you’ve to insert the URL of the GIF or download the GIF to use as an attachment inside the content of the mail. This is what you need to follow.

  1. Open Gmail on your preferred web browser, and click on the Compose button.
  2. Then click on the Photo icon, and you’ll get a few options to add on the photo icon
  3. Although, you can upload GIFs which is convenient if you’ve got a collection. Also, you can embed any URL which contains a GIF. Visit GIPHY, then choose any GIF, right-click on it, and click on copy image address.copy image address
  4. Now paste it over Web Address.paste it over Web Address
  5. Fill in other details to send an email through Gmail with a beautiful GIF.

3. Add GIFs in Gmail on PC using Extension

So far we’ve learned how to prepare Gmail with GIFs using manual features that Gmail has itself. Now we’ll use a third-party extension called Giphy for Gmail that is very compatible with Gmail.

However, GIPHY has an extensive list of GIFs and emojis that can blow your mind. Also, you can create your own GIFs comfortably using GIPHY. Let’s how we can use it on Gmail.

  1. Visit the GIPHY web store page, and click on Add to on Add to Chrome
  2. Next, click on Add Extension.
  3. You’ve added GIPHY successfully, now visit Gmail, and click on Compose button.
  4. Now you might see the GIPHY icon, click on it, and you’ll get a ton of GIFs to add.
  5. Choose a GIF accordingly, and send the mail.GIPHY chrome extension to insert GIF in a mail in gmail

Final Words

So these are the best ways to insert GIFs into email in Gmail. I hope you have gathered enough information and can able to use GIFs in your next email. However, if you’ve any doubts or questions, let us know in the comment section.


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