A YouTuber being allowed into Intel’s lab has tested their mobile CPU on a proprietary overclocking software – which resulted in the chip performing at 5.985GHz at its peak!

The CPU used in this test was Core i9-13900HK, which has a maximum clock speed of 5.6GHz. And the software on which it was tested is a Real-Time Overclocking – which Intel uses privately for testing its products.

Overclocking Intel Core i9-13900HK

A YouTuber and a tech enthusiast named Der8auer had recently visited Intel’s OC-Lab – and given a tour of all the prototypes and CPUs currently in development alongside the company’s internal tools for product testing.

One among them was Real-Time Overclocking (ROC) software from the “reference platform” section, which Intel purportedly uses to test various aspects of its chips. This is proprietary software of Intel and hasn’t been released to the public yet.

Der8auer was given a customized ROC tool, “der8auer Xtreme Edition,” to test the Core 9-13900HK CPU – an unlocked mobile CPU with 16 cores (8 Performance cores and 8 Efficient cores) with a maximum clocking speed of 5.6GHz. But since the software given was customized, there’s a possibility that Intel might hide some specific tools.

Yet, the test he made astonished the viewers. Before crashing, the Core i9-13900HK was overclocked to 5.985 GHz (from 5.6 GHz) at its peak, which is much higher than any current mobile processor. It was recorded to perform much more stable at 5.8 GHz, though.

All thanks to the ROC software Intel has in the lab – which allows the testers to monitor the processor’s performance and make changes simultaneously and in real-time. It can adjust the speed of specific CPU cores – irrespective of architecture style.

And for the interface, it seems much easier to understand and navigate than the current Extreme Tuning Utility – which is considered an official software for overclocking all Intel’s unlocked chips. It’d be much better if Intel tunes this software to the like of its ROC tool for being more user-friendly.


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