iPhone users with the old Twitter app – that bears the iconic blue bird logo and Twitter name instead of X are selling their devices online to make quick cash.

Terming these as limited collectables, these iPhone users quote exorbitant prices on online marketplaces. While it’s unheard of that anyone is buying these iPhones, the rapid changes that Musk is doing to X is catering the social media company some severe publicity, one or the other way.

Selling Them as Rare Collectibles

While we’ve seen special editions and first-gen devices sold for sky-high prices, iPhone users with an old Twitter app list their devices for sale on online marketplaces – citing them as rare collectables!

Elon Musk, the new boss of Twitter (now X), has tuned the company in many ways since his takeover. One among them is rebranding, where both the platform’s name and logo were changed to X. Last week, an advertising stunt to promote the new X logo on its San Francisco HQ backfired, yet Musk continues to play with it.

Well, since many are missing the iconic blue bird logo and the old Twitter name, people who still have the old app Twitter are cashing in on this remembrance. As Supercharged noted, several iPhone users who didn’t update the Twitter iOS app to the new X are selling their phones for staggering prices on various online platforms.

Notable among the listings is an eBay post offering an iPhone 11 Pro Max with an old version of the Twitter app for a whopping $25,000! Other listings on the same marketplace seem pretty realistic, asking between $800 to $15,000 for used iPhones with the old Twitter app.

While it’s unlikely that anyone would buy these, we wait with hope considering such instances from the past. In 2020, people were selling iPhones with the Fortnite game for up to $10,000 – after Apple removed the game from its App Store. Similarly, phones with the Flappy Bird game were offered for up to $5,000 on eBay after the developer removed it from Apple and Google’s app stores.