Who doesn’t love reading Manga? If you are a Manga lover, then you might know of such sites where you can read Manga for free. Earlier, finding the Manga of your choice was difficult, but thanks to the internet, readers can now access most of the popular Manga titles online. These websites have a simple and efficient user interface that promotes reading.

Mangatx is one of the most popular Manga libraries online. Anyone can access Mangatx to read manga online for free. Despite Mangatx having a wide collection of Manga, it is good to know some alternatives to read the manga if Mangatx is not accessible. Let’s see some of the best Mangatx alternatives to read manga for free. 

Best Mangatx Alternatives to Read Free Manga

Given below is the list of all the best and most popular Mangatx alternatives that you can visit to read Manga online-

1. KissManga

This is one of the most popular websites for good-quality Manga copies. KissManga is a free and open platform developed by an enthusiastic group of readers. The website houses endless Manga titles in attractive covers.

This Manga reader franchise also has many sister websites. The titles are listed according to the latest release, most views, trending, high ratings, etc. You can also search for the manga by name. 

2. Otaku Smash

If you are looking for an all-in-one platform where you can read Manga and connect with other enthusiasts, you can visit Otaku Smas. You can also find cosplay ideas and the latest anime fan art on Otaku Smash. 

It has an extensive library of free Manga listed in alphabetical order. Also, you get to access webcomics, anime quotes, and Manga means through this platform.

3. Book Walker

Book Walker is an e-book store where you can find many manga titles. It sells many downloadable (only through the app) copies at highly affordable rates and offers many free titles in the Manga, light novels, and magazine genres.

This official and legitimate website was created in Tokyo by  Kadokawa Corporation. If you like reading Japanese, you might find some awesome text novels by independent creators on this platform.

4. Mangago

The efficient and creative platform manages to curate expensive and exclusive Manga titles and bring them to readers for free on their website. Being a platform housing pirated content, the Mangago URL keeps changing. Different categories that you will find include drama, fantasy, romance, comedy, Shoujo, etc.

Mangago also lists webtoons and content by independent creators. You can sort unknown titles by visiting the pages New Manga, Top Manga, Last Updates, etc.

5. Comic Walker

It is a website dedicated to comics from all over the world. The original website is completely in Japanese, but translated content can be found. 

This is one of the most popular sites that you can go for. What makes this site popular among manga lovers is the wide library of content with almost all the titles available. 

6. Webtoon

This is another popular Mangatx alternative we have on this list. Webtoon has color-coded Manga titles according to the genre, the most popular fantasy and romance. 

The homepage displays a slide show of some new and popular titles below, a list of the most popular Manga on the website today. If you are a Manga lover, then you will love this site. 

7. Mangaforfree

It is a simple site with one of the widest collections of Manga titles online. The website homepage lists all of them based on the genre, including mystery, horror, supernatural, tragedy, etc. There are a total of 35 general listings on the website.

This platform specializes in romance and smut titles. The only drawback of this website is the end number of pop-up ads and diversion links, which make reading difficult at times.

8. MangaPark

This website will get you hooked to reading from your first visit. MangaPark has some of the most famous Manga – even the ones that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Against every title, there is a section showing how many readers have visited that particular Manga for that month and how many are reading it now. There are various filters you can apply when searching for manga, including genres, number of chapters, original work language, etc.

9. ManhuaScan

The database of this site gets constantly updated and maintained by the support team. ManhuaScan has an easy-to-navigate interface. You can easily browse the website and find the manga you have been looking for. 

While the platform usually encourages readers to browse the latest release, it also has some convenient listings of the top Manga for the week, month, and year. If you are interested in reading romance and smut, try out ManhuaScan.

10. BibiManga

The platform has some attractive Manga comics with unique cover pages. It is very easy to load and read Manga even with an unsteady internet. This website also has ads that can disturb you while reading the Manga. It would be better to use an ad blocker to block these ads.

BibiManga has an attractive user interface and you can easily search for the manga you have been looking for. You can find Mangas by the top views, top trending, and latest updates. Not only this, but there is also an adult section to find adult comics. There is a strong community of readers on Muctau that support each other constantly.


Mangatx is a fascinating platform where users can have their best experiences reading Manga online. It would be sad not to have Manatx working properly if you are in the mood to read Manga. To avoid this situation, you can probably visit the Mangatx alternatives that we have listed in the article above.