Microsoft has been found shifting its focus from making the biannual updates mandatory to leave the option to their customers. This is done with the introduction of a new tool called Windows Feature Experience Pack that has new features coming right after when developed and can be downloaded.

Making It As A Choice

Just as other vendors, Microsoft has been pushing their users to update to their latest versions timely. But this is changing recently when the company made November update a choice for its users. While this could be seen as freedom, users who ignore updating to latest patches can fall victim to rising hacks.

Microsoft's New Tool For Windows 10 Will Give Users Timely Updates
Image by PixaBay

In addition to the system’s kernel improvements, Microsoft releases updates twice a year for its users. These include new features, UI improvements, bug fixes, general security patches etc to protect and entertain users. And from 2020, Microsoft will be no longer serve its community with biannual updates but with their new tool pack.

A Twitter leakster with handle @h0×0d (WalkingCat) surfaced the fact that Windows is launching this feature pack and is now available for download from the store.

This Experience Pack, as said, is available in Microsoft Store. But not yet ready to function as it’s still developing. It’s just set up in-store to Get and have no reviews and description. You can still get it and keep it for now. Download it here: Windows Feature Experience Pack


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