Internet has become a necessity in everyone’s life. We use the internet for everything, be it shopping online, getting health tips, planning tours, and more. There are websites for everything and there might be some websites that you visit daily. 

As per the facts around 175 websites are created every minute, and around 252,000 websites are created every day. But do you know out of all the websites which are the ones with the highest views? 

In this article, we will be listing the top most visited websites worldwide. The websites mentioned in this list will be based on the monthly views they have.

Most Visited Websites

Most Visited Websites Worldwide

Given below is the list of websites with the highest monthly visitors-

1. Google 

Monthly Traffic: 165.5 Billion is one of the most popular search engines that is used by people all across the world. This is the default search engine for the Google Chrome browser. Google retains its position at the top when it comes to the most visited websites. 

You can search for anything on Google and hopefully, you will get the answer to your query. The search results are organized by categories like All, Images, Videos, Shopping, News, etc, which makes it easier for one to navigate the search results. 

2. YouTube

Monthly Traffic: 109.8 Billion

YouTube owned by Google is another most visited website worldwide. YouTube is a search engine and video-sharing social media platform. You can find short-form videos as well as long-form content on YouTube. 

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users out of which 30 million are paid users who have subscribed to YouTube Premium. What makes YouTube a popular social media platform is the vast library of video content that it has. You can search for anything on YouTube, and you will find thousands of results related to your search. 

3. Facebook

Monthly Traffic: 16. 8 Billion

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there and also the third most visited website. Around 22% of the traffic on Facebook comes alone from the US. Not only this but there are more than 2.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook.

Facebook connects people from all over the world; users can send friend requests to other people and talk to them. You can also share your posts on your Facebook profile and react to other people’s posts.

4. Wikipedia

Monthly Traffic: 8.4 Billion

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia available online. This is part of the Wikimedia Foundation and is available and you can find anything you search for on this site. Wikipedia has articles in more than 300 languages including Italiano, Polski, English, Hindi, Deutsch, and more. Not only this but there are more than 6 million articles published in English itself.

Wikipedia is accessible to anyone; anyone can read posts and even edit the posts already available on Wikipedia. However, there are restrictions on editing some articles to prevent misuse of the site. 

5. Twitter (Now X)

Monthly Traffic: 8.2 Billion

X, formerly known as Twitter, is a free social media and microblogging platform. You can post photos, videos, and images on Twitter and others can react to them. It also has a personal message feature, but users have the option to disable them. 

A lot has been going around with Twitter, its acquisition by Elon Musk, increasing the price of premium subscriptions, and the recent merger with X Corp and renaming Twitter to X. Most of these changes were not liked by the users, which led to a decrease in monthly active users as well as the new user signup. 

6. Instagram

Monthly Traffic: 6.9 Billion

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform owned by Meta Platforms. Users can share their photos and videos on Instagram, they can also share short videos known as reels. Users can follow each other to get insights into what the other person is posting on Instagram, and even chat with other users. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media after Facebook with over 2 billion monthly active users. As of 2023, India has the most users using Instagram, followed by the US and Brazil. 

7. Reddit

Monthly Traffic: 6.8 Billion

Reddit, also known as the face of the Internet, is also one of the most visited websites on the Internet. Reddit is kind of a community forum but a lot more than the regular forums. There are categories within Reddit also known as the subreddit; users can join the subreddit of their desired topic and begin posting as well as reading others’ posts. 

Users can share text posts, images, and videos, and also vote on the posts. Reddit is one of the most attractive communities where users can interact with one another. 

8. Yahoo

Monthly Traffic: 4.3 Billion

Though most people use Google, there are still a majority of people who prefer other search engines as well and one of them is Yahoo. Though not in the top 5, Yahoo still manages to get enough traffic to retain its position in the top ten most visited websites. On Yahoo, you can search for your queries and you will get the results based on the search intent. 

There are many more things on the main page than just the search bar. You can see the trending search terms on the first page showing what the majority of the users are searching for right now. Also, you can find news/stories in various categories like politics, science, elections, celebrity, and more. 

9. DuckDuckGo

 Monthly Traffic: 4.2 Billion

This is also a search engine that is known for private searches. DuckDuckGo maintains your privacy when searching for something, and they won’t track what you are searching for. The search results on DuckDuckGo are included from Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, a few other search engines, and their own web crawler; however, they don’t include results from Google. 

DuckDuckGo is available worldwide. Not only this, but it is the second most used search engine for mobile in 19 regions including France, Germany, the US, Spain, Sweden, Italy, and more. 

10. Bing

Monthly Traffic: 4 Billion

Bing is another popular search engine that we have on this list of the top most visited websites worldwide. This search engine from Microsoft integrates Bing Chat powered by the GPT-4 language model. The search engine not only shows you the search results from the internet but also generates the results with Bing Chat. 

Bing also has a reward system with which you can get rewards for the searches you have made. The reward points that you have earned can later be redeemed for gift cards. 

Bottom Line

So that’s the complete list of the most visited websites across the globe. Out of all the websites, the total traffic of the top three websites on this list is greater than the sum of the monthly traffic of other websites. Also, most of the websites on this list are either social media platforms or search engines. 


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