MoviesJoy is a popular website where users can stream free movies and TV shows in a wide genre of new and classic creations such as horror, drama, family, romance, mystery, thriller, etc. 

Content streamed on MoviesJoy is safe and relevant, with excellent audio quality and subtitles in multiple languages. While it is predominantly used for viewing the content in English, you will also find excellent releases and classics on this website in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc.

As MoviesJoy is not accessible everywhere, looking for its worthy alternatives can become time-consuming for those searching for good-quality content. But you no longer need to worry about this, as we have listed the best MoviesJoy Alternatives to stream free movies and TV shows!

Top MoviesJoy Alternatives You Need to Try out

MoviesJoy surprisingly comes with various features to cater to the need of all movies and TV show lovers. If you are searching for the best MovieJoy alternative, then you can refer to the list below-

1. Soap2Day

The first site on this list is Soap2Day. It is one of the most popular free movies and TV show streaming sites for most millennials and Gen Z watchers today. It has a wide collection of international movies and shows that you can stream for free.

You can sort the movies and TV shows by the Genre or country they are released in. Moreover, you have a search bar to search the movie by name and stream it. If you want to explore the movies/TV shows with the best rating, you can refer to the Top IMDb list on the site. 

2. Fmovies

It is hands down the best website to stream and download content anonymously. You need no registration to run any content on Fmovies. In addition, the site makes it easier for users to search for the movie or the TV shows they want to stream. 

With multiple filters for the searches, it is relatively easier for users to find movies and TV shows. You can find the movies based on the Genre; almost all the genres are available on the site. You can also sort the movies based on the countries they are released in. Moreover, all the movies are available in HD quality. 

3. Flixtor

With a quirky name and a website to match, you choose Flixtor when looking for a title that most mainstream sites will not have. Flixtor believes in delivering streaming experiences of the highest quality. 

Flixtor is known for having reliable servers, which makes it possible to stream uninterrupted content for hours. It is a great platform to look for kids’ content as well. Almost all the movies and TV shows, even the latest ones, are available on the site. 

4. GoMovies

This website is available internationally and has an extensive library of the latest releases and classics in all genres and mediums that can be accessed through the search bar. You can easily find top releases from all the major OTT platforms.

GoMovies also suggests users with trending content that you can stream on this site. You can find all the popular content directly on the homepage. GoMovies fulfills all your content-related needs.

5. XMovies8

This site is compatible with almost the browsers available. It is capable of delivering good quality content even in the absence of a good internet connection. 

XMovies8 has a standard but attractive user interface navigation which is extremely easy. This is one reason why XMovies8 is a popular choice among all age groups. Movies on this site are available in the best quality. 

6. TinyZone

This website is quite similar to MoviesJoy in terms of features and also has wider access to good servers. You can search for content using the alphabetical search guide and also search for the content by the title through the search bar.

TinyZone publishers HD movies on its website along with some of the best shows of all time. It is a fantastic experience to discover new titles on this website with the help of fantastic recommendations.

7. 123Movies

123movies is another popular site to stream free movies and TV shows online. You can directly see all the popular movies and TV shows on the homepage. You can select what you want to stream, Movies, or TV shows directly from the menu. 

You can also sort the movies through the genres, i.e., Action, adventure, animation, comedy, crime, war, western, and more. When you click on a title you will find all the details related to it such as the Genre, actors, director, country, duration, quality, release year, as well as the IMDb rating of the content. 

8. VexMovies

It is one of the top choices for users who want to stream good-quality content without any interruptions. VexMovies recommends users with all the popular and trending movies and TV shows directly on the home screen. 

VexMovies has an interesting stock of Korean movies and dramas, Disney movies, and Netflix original releases – but the best of all is their horror and thriller collection which is unmatched by any other website. You can stream content without any subscription or login necessary, making it one of the best MoviesJoy alternatives.

9. Putlocker

This is an all-rounder website to stream movies and TV shows. You will find content categorized in different ways on this website such as – the latest additions, most popular titles, Genre, and alphabetical order searching guide.

Putlocker provides users with a seamless streaming experience. Users can switch from one server if a particular server is not working. Putlocker is also one of the best sites for informative movies or documentaries rather than just mindless entertainment.

10. AZMovies

As soon as you open this website, you will find updated lists of Top 10 Titles, Just Added, Latest Movies, and a recommended list of featured content. All these sections make searching for movies and TV shows easier if you are looking for suggestions. 

AZMovies constantly updates its content and website to meet the user’s demand of finding all the famous and latest releases online. The only downside to this website is that most of the content is in English, so you might now find restricted content. 


MoviesJoy is a fantastic find for anyone who has an affinity for popular and underground multimedia in movies, TV shows, web series, documentaries, reality TV, etc. However, for all the users looking for the best MoviesJoy alternative, the above is the list you should refer to. 


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