A virtual private network is well known by everyone or not? No, everyone is unaware of the VPN; its complete form is a virtual private network. It is a network connection method that provides security, safety, and privacy to the individual or public network. VPN is the protection of the most sensitive and personal data.

It is needed for the private system. Nowadays, it’s becoming trendy to use a personal VPN. There is an increment in privacy with a VPN’s use because it helps replace the IP address of one from the virtual private network.

People need virtual private networks because the network helps hide the actual IP address. It gives protection to your data while transferring or sharing publically or personally. One can use high protection by changing its IP address using the international location selection.

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List of Best OpenVPN Alternatives to Hide Your Identity in 2022

There are many VPN options in the market right now. So here we come up with our list of best OpenVPN alternatives that you can use to replace OpenVPN and have similar features like this one.

1. Pritunl

We discussed above, there are several options for the user on the place of open VPN, and it is one of them. However, there is some reason why people picked Pritunl. It is user-friendly and counted among the rarest network of VPN open sources.


More sophisticated features are present in the open VPN, which is not suitable for the starter. Pritunl is easy to operate as it has recognizable features with the management sources or degrees. You can import the URI configurations and add several servers to them. It easily meets up the demand of one’s and especially beginners.

Website Link- https://client.pritunl.com/

2. SoftEther VPN

SoftEther VPN

VPN is considered the first best option to be used in place of OpenVPN. It supports various options and functions like security protocols. One can easily choose the protocol and make a server as per their demand. The student of Tsukuba University develops the software of SoftEther.

Website Link- https://www.softether.org/

3. Tunnelblick


We know Apple is a leading brand with excellent features, and there are different systems or software for operating this brand. If one uses Mac and wants to use an alternative for the VPN, he must go for Tunnelblick.

It is a network specially designed for Apple users. It provides excellent security and is highly supportable to Apple users without any problem. It’s the best quality. It supports both the open VPN and Apple as well.

Website Link- https://tunnelblick.net/

4. Wireguard


Wireguard is another best over best open VPN as it has some exact features that convince one to use the wireguard. This is ranked among the best of every network. However, it is mainly in the case of new users.

It is an open-source network, especially base, or builds on the SSh protocol. The network work hardly and provo=ide full safety and security to the users. It is to be recorded that the information is not leaked about the file document shared personally.

Website Link- https://www.wireguard.com/

5. StrongSwan


StrongSwan is another network that is highly in use and accessible too. It has no charges for the purpose, and one can use this and open it similarly open a VPN. The software utilizes newer technology with the latest keys as well.

Website Link- https://www.strongswan.org/

6. Tinc VPN

Tinc VPN

It is the only VPN highly competitive to the original Open VPN. It also has one exception: it doesn’t make supportable to the GUI interface. It also provides the systematic backup of encrypted data and provides higher protection.

Website Link- https://www.tinc-vpn.org/

7. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is related to or as same as the open VPN. It is highly secured with great features in it. It gives the 500 Mb data limit to the users every month. If one can be desired to facilitate and secure data, he must go for it.

Website Link- https://www.tunnelbear.com

8. Passepartout – OpenVPN Client


It is an exceptional and inimitable VPN that works for the platform iOS. It is a dedicated app. The application is designed according to high security. This is also operated on the iPhone and iPad as well. It is supportable to apple without any problem.

App Link- https://passepartoutvpn.app/

From Editor’s Desk

So, now you people are well aware of the VPN and its features. One can use all the above alternatives on their demand and choices. These all are the preferable VPN. These are trending because of affordability and valuable features. All of them are protectable as they prevent any information leakage.


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