If you are a content creator, you may have heard about Patreon. The platform has helped millions of creators monetize their creations and earn a living. Recently Patreon has become expensive, making it difficult for small artists to afford it.

There are many substitutes for Patreon, but they are not so popular. Still, they don’t lack features as compared to the original one. There are several Patreon alternatives where you don’t have to pay commissions on your earnings but minimum subscription fees.

We have made a pool of fantastic content monetizing platforms to help you get a better substitute for Patreon. Our list has both one-time crowdfunding and recurring crowdfunding platforms. Content creators can choose according to their requirements.

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Best Patreon Alternatives

  • Kickstarter
  • Podia
  • Buy Me a Coffee
  • Ko-Fi
  • Tribe
  • Memberful
  • Indiegogo
  • Liberapay

1. Kickstarter

KickstarterThe platform is suitable for one-time projects as it doesn’t have a subscription policy. Instead, content creators can set a goal to earn from Crowd Sourcing. It is an excellent alternative to Patreon for those who are into making films, art, music, plays, games, etc.

However, Kickstarter also has a downside: if you fail to reach the target set by yourself, the platform will not give you a penny. But the features make it one of the best crowdfunding platforms after Patreon.

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2. Podia

PodiaPreviously known as ‘Coach,’ Podia is all one marketing tool that you can use to monetize your creations. The platform is famous for being affordable and multicultural at the same time. Unlike Patreon, Podia will not charge any commission out of your donations.

Instead, you will have to pay membership fees to the company. Teachers widely use the platform to sell their courses online cheaply. Users can also use it as an email marketing tool. 

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3. Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a CoffeeThe best part of Buy Me a Coffee is its easy-to-use functionalities. Creators can quickly generate a hyperlink and share it with their fans. It is a substitute for Patreon that has come a long way from being a WordPress plugin to a full-fledged website.

The fans can visit the link and donate to their favorite content creators. The hyperlink in your website lets your followers directly contribute from there. Followers don’t even have to sign up in Buy Me a Coffee to pay.

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4. Ko-Fi

Ko-FiKo-Fi is a versatile platform that can receive donations, crowdfunding, sell products, etc. Moreover, the site is free to use and has many valuable features. For instance, you can connect to your fans and followers directly from the platform.

You can also enlist your merchandise on Ko-Fi, and your followers can directly buy them. The site charges a nominal transaction fee on every cash-out. The revenue will be instantly credited to your Stripe or Paypal account.

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5. Tribe

TribeAnother simple platform that you can use is Tribe to get your fans’ support. The site members can accept donations or sell monthly or yearly subscriptions to their followers. In addition, they can also sell digital or physical products, charge for one-on-one phone calls, etc.

The platform charges a nominal fee from each member. Supporters also get several modes for making payments: debit and credit cards, Google pay, Paypal, etc. They don’t even have to sign up in Tribe to enjoy their favorite creators’ content.

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6. Memberful

MemberfulMemberful is a plugin installed on your site to offer memberships. It has a different working pattern, unlike Patreon. If you have an existing site and want a tool to offer subscriptions to your audience, Memberful will be a great choice.

This tool is beneficial as users can provide a personified interface to their fans. There are several membership plans that one can opt for. However, the plans are expensive, so it is only recommended for established content creators.

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7. Indiegogo

IndiegogoOur next inclusion is a popular crowdfunding platform operating since the time of Patreon. Users can use this platform to raise an initial amount for doing a big project. You can fix a date for raising funds through Indiegogo for a specific cause.

All the project details are to be uploaded on the site so that the supporters can closely monitor the work in progress. There are no subscription charges applied for using the platform, but you have to pay a 5% share on successfully raising the necessary fund.

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8. Liberapay

LiberapayIf you were looking for a Patreon alternative that doesn’t charge a platform fee, then Liberapay must be good. The platform is open source, and the only thing you have to pay to use it is the bank charges. Creators can get their payments directly on Stripe or Paypal.

However, you must note that one cannot use Liberapay to sell products or services. This is because it is strictly meant for donation purposes. But you can provide Liberapay links on other sites where you upload content regularly.

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