Let us know how to play MKV files on iPhone without converting them into other file formats. MKV is the abbreviation of Matroska Video files. These formats are widely used for movies. They can store multiple audio files and subtitles along with the video codec.

One major advantage of MKV files is they are not compressed, which otherwise compromises the quality of the video. Additionally, MKV files offer support for hard and soft code subtitles. Also, MKV files can support multiple languages and have optimal seeking capabilities compared to other video formats.

1. Play MKV Files on iPhone Without Converting

To play MKV files on iPhone, there is no official media player from Apple. You have to download any third-party video player to play an MKV file. The best option is to install the popular VLC media player for iOS.

I use VLC Media Player on my iPhone to play the MKV files and never had any issues with video playback or other technical issues.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. In the search bar, type VLC, or you can directly download it from here.
  3. Then tap the download icon beside the VLC media player when it appears in the search result.
  4. Launch VLC after it installs.
  5. Choose a video from the video library of VLC to play it.

Apart from VLC media payer, there are a lot of other video players that you may also try. VLC is a brand I trust and use. Hence, I am mentioning that.

2. Play MKV Files on Your PC by Sharing from iPhone

When I am talking about sharing videos from iPhone, you will use the same VLC media player app. VLC has this feature to connect over another device via a singular network connection. Then the MKV file can be played on the other device.

  1. Enable the WiFi network and ensure that it is running without any hiccups.
  2. Start by connecting your iPhone and your PC to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Launch the VLC media player for iPhone.
  4. In the VLC app, navigate to the bottom of the page and tap on the Network tab.
  5. On the same page, there will be an option for Sharing via Wi-Fi. Tap on the switch beside it to enable it. It will generate a unique http link.
    enable sharing via WiFi using VLC
  6. Now, log into your PC and launch the web browser that you use.
  7. In the web browser address bar, type the same link generated on the VLC media player.
  8. Now, press Enter.
  9. On the Sharing Via WiFi screen on the PC browser, you will be now asked to enter the iPhone passcode that you use for your iPhone. Enter it.
    enter passcode to play MKV files on iPhone
  10. On the next webpage, click the Add (+) icon to add your video file.
  11. Now, the video will be successfully added to your VLC playlist.
  12. Switch back to your iPhone.
  13. Tap on the Video tab at the bottom.
    use VLC to play mkv files on iPhone
  14. Select the video on your iPhone and it will start playing. The same video will also launch on the PC browser and play on its screen.

The above steps I mentioned for iPhone can also be replicated on an iPad. You can share via WiFi using VLC for iPadOS and play MKV files on your PC.

Wrapping Up

MKV files are the best option when it comes to video file formats. Almost every mobile device supports playing them. Although no in-built app is available for iPhone, you can easily play MKV files on iPhone using the free VLC Media player for iOS.


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