If you are looking for the best pregnancy tracker app to check your baby’s current growth and development, then we are here with the apps. There are many apps to track pregnancy, and it is hard to find the best one, but still, we tried our best to find the best one. These apps will help you talk with experts and help them. 

These top pregnancy tracker apps will also help you connect with other moms. You can easily describe your problem to other moms, and they will give you a quick solution. As they are also mothers and already passed this phase, they will guide you better.

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List of Top Best Pregnancy Tracker App for Baby Growth

You don’t have to worry about anything. The apps will get you informed all the time about your health. Along with it, you can also identify the body and your complete baby growth. If it is not proper, the app will provide you with proper guidance to make it better.

But we suggest you don’t miss your ay medical treatment as the apps can’t replace the medical care. Let’s check out the apps and solve all your health problems.

1. Glow Nurture

Glow Nurture

This amazing pregnancy tracker app by Glow Nature helps you track the baby’s well-being and arrival. You can cut your stress in half as It shows you everything you need during pregnancy. It provides daily updates on baby size, milestones for baby growth, expected arrival time of baby, and lively community groups for advice on anything you need.

Download Glow Nurture For Android And iOS

2. What To Expect

What To Expect

With this pregnancy tracker app, you can rest assured as it is trusted by moms worldwide. This app from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” gives you pointers during your pregnancy. You need to enter your baby’s due date ( you can calculate it using our pregnancy due to date calculator) and track your baby’s growth now.

Download What To Expect For Android And iOS

3. Pregnancy+


You can set aside your worry with this hugely successful pregnancy tracker app, accepted by 25 million moms around the world. The Pregnancy+ App holds your hands through your pregnancy week after week, from conception to your baby’s arrival. It provides all the tools you will need, such as our contraction tracker and weight tracker. The rest of the family members can also join in as this app can be personalized for dads and grandparents.

Download Pregnancy+  For Android And iOS

4. BabyCenter


Downloaded by over 400 million expecting moms. BabyCenter’s pregnancy tracker plus baby development calendar app holds your hand from conception to your baby’s birth – a week after week and day after day. The BabyCenter app contains all the info you need if you’re planning on getting pregnant, trying, or already pregnant, or want to know about baby growth milestones.

Download BabyCenter For iOS

5. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Are you a mother-to-be? Congratulations on the news! It is such a blissful time, and to keep it joyful, let our app help you during your pregnancy. Over 10 million families have put their trust in Ovia apps. Get Ovia Pregnancy now to track your baby’s weekly growth, learn everything about your baby, and count down until the due date.

Download Ovia Pregnancy Tracker For iOS

6. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy

Soon to be a mother? Congratulations.  Get this app regarded as the top pregnancy tracker app of the year. Expecting families worldwide trust and recommend this app. Sprout Pregnancy gives you pointers during your pregnancy day by day. It keeps you well-informed and updated about the exciting changes and developments that happen in your body and to the baby.

Download Sprout Pregnancy For Android And iOS

7. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Tips

Hello Belly

The most friendly pregnancy guide for expecting parents. Get access to pro tips throughout your pregnancy daily by the top experts. Easy to read medical information — only handy tips in a fun way. Each tip is sure to make you smile! This app is made by the Hello Baby team — the sharpest parental guide. Download now to make childhood memories fun!

Download Hello Belly For Android 

8. Mind The Bump

Mind The Bump

Smiling Mind joined hands with beyond blue to make a Mindfulness Meditation app to help expecting couples and families mentally and emotionally prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Keep the memory of becoming a new parent joyful with this app. Mindfulness provides you with a choice to see clearly through the mist of anxiety and deal with the pressures of being an expected parent.

Download Mind The Bump iOS

9. WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

This free pregnancy app gives trusted health info for new or soon-to-be parents and helps track your baby’s growth every week. You can rely on our caring Pregnancy Community for support and maternity advice when you need it.

Keep track of your baby’s health with our blood pressure tracker, symptom tracker, weight tracker, contraction timer, and kick counter.

Download WebMD Pregnancy For iOS

10. Full Term- Contraction Timer

Full Term- Contraction Timer

Full Term is one of the most convenient apps that keep track of your labor contractions. It features a very straightforward interface that is both user-friendly and informative. Just one single tap will start tracking the contractions and detect their patterns.

Other features include a Contraction timer, kick counter, etc. You can view your contractions history through graphs showing detailed information about the duration and frequency. Additionally, it also tells a lot about the water breaking as well.

Download Full Term for Android and iOS

11. TMSoft White Noise Lite

TMSoft White Noise Lite

The most important thing for any pregnant lady is getting proper rest. White Noise does the perfect job of keeping your mind relaxed and avoiding distractions during a night’s sleep.

The app basically features a good collection of ambient music that helps you get great sleep and keeps your mind calm and relaxed. It even helps soothe headaches and migraines, so every new morning seems fresh and amazing to you.

Download White Noise Lite for Android and iOS


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