Samsung Smart TV is essentially the best TV you can buy on the market. It comes with smart features, and it supports android apps. Because of this, you can enjoy many apps and services like Youtube, Netflix and much more. Smart TV is a new concept where you can install smart apps on your Samsung TV and use them as you do on your smartphone.

Although Samsung has its own smart TV app store, we recommend you download it from the Official Play store. This way, you can discover more apps. Also, Smart TV supports games as well. So in case you want to install games, you can do it too. But today, we are discussing some great Samsung Smart TV apps which will make your TV much smarter.

List of Top Best Apps for Samsung Smart TV in 2022

Since our TV are getting smart, we need to feed them some apps to enhance the entertainment. So today, we have listed some of Samsung Smart TV apps, which you will love to use on your TV.

1. Youtube


In the list of best apps for Samsung smart T.V., YouTube is the most popular. If you are using the internet, then this app doesn’t need any introduction. This is the largest video-sharing platform in the world, with the most intuitive and simple interface.

You will get every type of video on this platform, whether it is education or technology. So, install this app on your Samsung smart tv and enjoy watching videos.

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2. Netflix


Netflix has become the most popular way of entertainment on holidays these days. It is an on-demand video platform with fabulous content. Hence,  You will get all your favorite movies and series on Netflix.

In addition, Netflix also provides some of its original and unique series exclusive on this platform. With thousands of movies and series, Netflix is the second most popular app on this list.

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3. Spotify


Here comes the number of the most popular music app. In fact, Spotify became the symbol of music. Whether you are sad or happy, this app has every type of music to offer. With amazing analytics, this app will easily suggest the type of music you always listen to by tracking your pattern. So, enjoy the music and change your mood with the largest online library of music in the world.

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4. BBC News

BBC News

After Videos and music, one thing the users do is watch the news. This app keeps you updated about the things happening out there. BBC News is one of the greatest apps for listening to the news.

In the operational period of more than 90 years, this channel has created a legacy that no one can compete; hence, install this app to listen to the latest news with a great user experience for free.

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5. Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Now, this is the most important app in the list of the best apps for Samsung smart tv, as you must install this app to install other apps. If you own an android device, you must be familiar with this app.

Google Play Store has millions of apps in every category arranged in a very accessible manner. It also provides ratings and reviews of the apps. So, If you want to install any app for your smart tv, firstly download the Google play store.

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6. Playstation Now(PSN)

Playstation Now(PSN)

Playstation Now is an app that will allow you to play all PS 2,3, and 4 games on your Samsung smart tv. This is the app for game lovers. If you want to play non-stop games, take a high-speed internet connection; otherwise, it will load a little slow. So, download this app and fulfill your craving for games on the big screen.

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VUDU is another video streaming app for chilling and entertainment on your Samsung Smart T.V. You will get various movies and shows on this app with very high-definition audio. So download the VUDU app and chill out on your holidays.

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8. SteamLink


SteamLink is one of the largest gaming communities, with an awesome list of games. You can play it on the PC’s and your Samsung Smart T.V. Connect your T.V. with your pc and enjoy playing games via SteamLink on the big screen.

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9. Hulu


Hulu is an American video streaming app on a subscription basis. With exclusive content, this app has a lot to offer. It is a top-rated app worldwide. With a good and easy interface, you should definitely consider this app.

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10. Plex


Plex helps you to connect your pc to your Smart tv. You can play any media file on the big screen using this app. whether it is music or movies, this app will let you play anything. However, the process of connecting the pc and Smart tv is very easy.

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11. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular applications when it comes to the entertainment sections. Watch all popular and high-rated TV shows and movies. It brings you all the latest content in the highest quality available.

Besides, it supports 4K UHD and lets you do searches by categories like Coming Soon, featured deals, movies, etc. Moreover, you can either rent or buy the contents and even subscribe to other suppliers as well.

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12. TED


TED is actually an in-built function on your Samsung TV. It’s definitely the best channel to have to make significant changes in your personal habits. The core idea of TED was to deliver powerful speeches, ideas and narrate success stories to inspire people.

If you are already working on personal growth and development, TED can lend you a helping hand to uplift your progress.

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From Editor’s Desk

Your smart TV will be smarter after installing these apps, for sure. So, which apps do you wish to install on your smart TV? Tell us about them in the comments, and we will add them to this list!


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