Sharing videos with friends, families, and relatives are so much in use these days. Whether it’s an informational video or just for fun, it needs to be shared. So, if you recorded a large video and wanted to share it among people, how would you do that?

I mean, there are so many ways you could share large video files, but when it comes to large files, you might just run out of options. So, for such cases, we have mentioned a few ways through which you can share or send heavy videos for free.

List of Best Ways to Send Large Video Files to Your Friends Online

Best Ways to Send Large Video FilesEven though there are restrictions everywhere, these methods can be of great use to share large videos in communities. These platforms offer enough storage spaces to share large video files over the internet:

1. Sending Large Files via Cloud Services

When it comes to sending large video files or whatever occupies large space, Cloud Services is the most appropriate way. No matter which service you use, be it Google Drive, IDrive, OneDrive, or any other, all these allow you to share big-sized files.

Sending Large Files via Cloud Services

However, each of these services has its maximum limit for every file you upload. Google Drive is the most popular service, providing up to 15GB of Cloud Storage, whereas others like IDrive and OneDrive provide 5GB storage. Moreover, the procedure is quite simple: upload your video file on your Clouds. However, it could take time, depending on your file size and network speed.

Once you are done with the upload, right-click on the file and copy the shareable link. Now you can share the link with whomever you want. People visiting your link will land directly on your Cloud account and can download the file from there.

2. Sending Large Video Files Through Email Services

Email services have been one of the most convenient ways of sharing information. They offer good security and excellent service, of course. So, it can be another good option for sharing your video files. Although they do not offer enough storage space, unlike Cloud Services, therefore, you need to make sure your file size does not exceed the maximum limit.

Sending Files Through Your email Services

It is just an ‘upload and sends’ process. It won’t be an upsetting one. But again, like Cloud Services, the storage spaces differ from every other email service. Here, we have mentioned some of the popular email services and their maximum storage capacity:

  • Gmail: 25MB
  • OutLook: 34MB
  • Yahoo: 25MB
  • Proton Mail: 25MB
  • iCloud: 20MB

If you are using a service other than these, you must check its max limit before uploading your files. Also, you can stretch this limit a bit more by compressing your file size. However, if it doesn’t fit even after compressing your file, you better go with Cloud Services.

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3. Sending Large Video Files Using Messaging Apps

Since Social Media apps have taken over the market nowadays, there are various options available for you. Furthermore, it is a much easier way through which you can share files with your closed ones. So, if you are too lazy to set up your Cloud account or compose an email, you can definitely go with this option.

Sending Large Video Files Using Messaging Apps

It is a very convenient way of sharing photos and videos with your friends and families. Also, everything you do within your account stays safe and secured. However, they do have restrictions on the file size you want to send. So, check out these most popular messaging apps and their size limits:

  • Skype: 300MB
  • Google Hangouts: 200MB
  • iMessage: 220MB
  • Facebook: 25MB
  • WhatsApp: 16MB

However, there are a lot more on the list, with each having its specific limits. As a result, if your file size is within these limits, you can successfully share your videos with anyone.

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4. Sending Files Through Streaming

If you are looking for ways to share your videos with others, any of the processes mentioned above will work out for you unless you want to upload extremely large-sized videos exceeding the limit of 15GB, maybe. Thus, if you want to upload long videos like tutorials and more, the only way left for you is to stream them.

Being the most popular platform for videos, Youtube also allows you to share videos privately with the ones you want to see. Therefore, streaming your videos privately over Youtube will allow you to share them with your group.

From Editor’s Desk

Sending big files can be a tactic process, but thankfully there are some workarounds. For example, if you need to send large video files related to lectures, birthday parties, or some event.

You can use the above methods to share large video files with your friends, family and others. However, if you want to share with multiple people, I recommend you use Google Drive. That will be a much better option.


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