The internet has made many things easier for every individual. One way to pass the time on the internet is to read news articles, watch videos on YouTube, and much more.

Everyone feels a sense of boredom, but with quality time on the internet, the boredom fades away. When it comes to killing time, Bored Panda has been the go-to option for a lot of people. It is a website for entertainment, inspiration and a lot more to keep users engaged.

While Bored Panda still works, there are other alternatives you can explore. In this article, we’ve curated the best sites like Bored Panda to kill time. You can use them anytime, whether you’re at work, school, or home.

Best Sites Like Bored Panda to Kill Time

From comics to funny content or animal-related articles, you’ll find them on the Bored Panda alternatives below.

1. Fubiz Media

Fubiz MediaOne of the best sites like Bored Panda is Fubiz Media, and it is a platform for everyone. If you enjoy design, photography, and the arts, you’ll find them on Fubiz Media. The website’s interface is friendly, which makes it easy to use.

Fubiz Media is known as a hub for artists and designers to showcase their work, making it a paradise for creative enthusiasts. Also, there is a lot of video content available on Fubiz Media.

When looking for an alternative to Bored Panda to kill time, Fubiz Media is a top choice. Furthermore, the site is constantly updated with new content, which allows users to read something new.

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2. Upworthy

upworthy logoFinding positivity online is one reason why Upworthy has been a popular choice for most users. Its aim is to make the world a better place for every individual, and to that end, Upworthy provides meaningful content for users to read.

Upworthy’s unique selling point is its focus on positive, inspiring, and educational content. You’ll find stories that touch on important issues and showcase the best of humanity.

Also, It’s a platform where you can explore content that uplifts and empowers. In addition, Upworthy allows users to watch inspiring videos of people making positive impacts on the world.

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3. Distractify

DistractifyAnother website on the list is Distractify, it is an online publication and internet media to kill time. Distractify offers quite a number of articles, lists, and videos that’ll brighten up your day.

One of the reasons why you’ll love this website is its dedication to providing updated content. Similar to Bored Panda, you can explore trending articles across different categories.

Anytime you don’t have that drive to do anything and you need something to spice up your mood. With a quick tour around Distractify, you will surely feel better. Whether you’re looking for game articles, entertainment, etc. It got you covered.

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4. ViralNova

ViralNovaViralNova also makes sense as one of the best sites like Bored Panda. What has made this website quite special is how fast it gathers viral content. If you’re looking for mind-blowing articles to kickstart your day, ViralNova got you covered.

Despite being a place where content is shared across the web, ViralNova is very accessible. On the homepage, you will find trending articles, and there’s also an option to explore categories.

If you love exploring the latest trends and stories that capture the internet’s attention, this is the place to be. It’s a hub for feel-good stories that are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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5. Bright Side

Bright SideThis is another popular online platform where killing time comes without stress. Bright Side is dedicated to inspiration, creativity and wonder. On this website, you’ll find cool facts, life hacks, and a lot more.

Furthermore, Bright Side ensures that users of all ages can find the right article for them to read. There are many stories available on Bright Side; you will find ones to keep you engaged.

If you’re seeking a daily dose of positivity and creativity, Bright Side is the place to be. It’s a source of inspiration and a reminder that the world is full of wonder.

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6. Lifehacker

LifehackerLifehacker has been a go-to option for people who want to live a life filled with hope, positivity, and productivity. This platform is dedicated to tips, tricks, and hacks for improving various aspects of life.

Whether you’re looking for hacks or advice on tech, health, productivity, and more, Lifehacker offers it all. The website also offers a unique approach to enhancing daily life.

When looking for one of the best sites like Bored Panda, you should consider Lifehacker as an alternative choice. Its content is also fresh, so you will always find new hacks and tips to explore.

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7. Mental Floss

Mental FlossMental Floss is another recommended alternative to Bored Panda, and it is a platform for testing knowledge. If you think you’re good at trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games, Mental Floss is your best bet.

In addition, users can read captivating and informative articles that help improve mental health. Another cool feature is that most articles are curated under different categories for easy exploration.

Mental Floss is a place where you can learn new things during moments when you just want to kill time.

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8. InspireFirst

InspireFirstWe have also recommended InspireFirst as one of the best Bored Panda alternatives. While it might be a good platform, its dedication is toward users in the writing field.

As a content writer, InpireFirst is a place to write better because it offers a lot of helpful tips. Whether you’re taking writing as a hobby or profession, InspireFirst is here to help you out.

InspireFirst also offers helpful tips that’ll help you earn more and teach you how to monetize your content as a writer.

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In conclusion, these are the best Bored Panda alternatives to kill time. These websites are accessible at any time and you can always use them to keep yourself engaged. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, entertainment or DIY hacks, you’ll find them on sites like Bored Panda.


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