When it comes to log-management software, only a few come close to Splunk. It is widely used by many organizations worldwide because of its excellency. The tool is highly analytical, which is why most businesses trust it. 

It is a machine data analytics tool that offers custom SPL language for transforms, queries, visualizations, and statistical analysis. Another reason why organizations love it so much is because it is very flexible and adaptable. But just like all great things, this tool has limitations. There are better tools for everyone. 

For instance, businesses needing to monitor large data volumes might not benefit from Splunk. The good news is that we have many excellent Splunk alternatives in the market now.

Many excellent log management tools enable businesses to collect and manage business data from various sources. They also provide advanced analytics with alerts, graphs, and real-time monitoring capabilities.

The high cost, slow search speed, and not being open source are some of the disadvantages of Splunk. That is why you, as a business, should look at our best Splunk alternatives.

Best Splunk Alternatives

1. Loggly

For businesses looking for a reliable and free log management tool, Loggy is one of the best options. It is based on a SaaS model and can easily process large data volumes from various sources.

LogglyThe tool effectively details all the log events in real time, whether happening on apps, databases, operating systems, or cloud-based platforms. 

It has an interactive dashboard where you can view everything in an organized manner. You can get alerts via Microsoft Teams, Slack, PagerDuty, and other Webhook-compatible tools. The log search is much faster on this platform compared to Splunk. 

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2. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is another excellent log management tool. This one is based on the SaaS model as well. Organizations can use this tool to monitor services in the cloud or on-premises. It has integrations for Google Cloud, AWS, Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, and Docker. So you will not face any difficulty in deploying the tool. 

Sumo LogicBesides powerful log collection, the tool also has charts and graphs in the dashboard, real-time alerts, threat intelligence, and integrations. These features help enhance security and get alerts in real time. Overall, it is a powerful tool, and you should use it. 

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3. Datadog

Next up on the list is Datadog; it is one of the best Splunk alternative tools available. It provides both log management and cloud monitoring. The tool has centralized log collection and can collect data from any source. Like many other tools on the list, this also has an interactive dashboard with many graphs and charts to provide excellent analytics. 

DatadogThe tool allows you to search, collect, and filter your logs to identify security events. Unlike Splunk, this is a monitoring and analytics tool. It helps in integrating tools and managing performance. 

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4. SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is an excellent option if you want a tool to help you with analytics, detection, and response. It is a security, information, and event management (SIEM) tool that provides excellent analytics. Since it has a centralized log collection, it can apply threat intelligence to detect and respond to threats automatically.

SolarWinds Security Event ManagerIt sends immediate security alerts in case something is wrong. Then it also sends follow-up emails to keep everything in check. The dashboard gives you details about all the events in intuitive graphs and other visualizations. So it is an excellent tool for businesses. 

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5. LogDNA

Next up is LogDNA, and unlike Splunk, it is a free-to-use log-management software. That makes it one of the best Splunk alternatives. It allows you to manage logs and collect and monitor log data seamlessly.

LogDNAThe alerts are immediate and sent to you via Slack, PagerDuty, Webhook, and other APIs. Overall, it is a powerful tool that can be valuable for your teams. 

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6. New Relic

If you want to check the user performance of software, then New Relic is an excellent web application tool. Unlike Splunk, this is an all-in-one performance check tool. 

New RelicThe deployment and installation of the tool are seamless, as it easily integrates with Amazon Ec2, Azure, Jira, Slack, Ansible, and Heroku. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which you can use to check performance. 

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7. Sematext Logs

Sematext Logs is a simple yet powerful log management tool that collects logs from your environment. You can search the logs with basic query syntax. It helps in identifying and isolating particular events.

Sematext LogsThe tool is more affordable than Splunk and offers you a better monitoring experience making it one of the best Splunk alternatives. 

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8. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

This one is a SIEM tool and can do many things like Splunk. It can collect logs from over 700 sources which is an excellent feature. Then you can also manage your system logs seamlessly using this tool. 

ManageEngine EventLog AnalyzerIts powerful features include log collection and analysis, real-time event correlation, compliance reports, and alerts. So it is an ideal tool for any business. 

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