SuperSU rooting is the fastest method without connecting the PC, where it gives you Root Permission control of the device in which it is installed. The same open-source administration and management tool SuperSU can root for multiple Android devices.

Some key features of SuperSU are Wake on prompt, Superuser access logging and prompt, Ghost mode, Temporary unroot, and Complete unroot. The SuperSU is totally free, and if you need to root your Android device, you can download it from its official website.

But what if your particular device model does not support SuperSU? Or, more troubling, not able to root using SuperSU? It’s ideal to look for other SuperSu alternatives in such a case. Fortunately, multiple root permission apps work just as great as SuperSU, and today we will look at some of the best among them.

Best SuperSU Alternatives You Can Use to Root Android

Today, we have a guide with us on the top alternatives of SuperSU. So, let’s find out some best apps for this purpose without consuming your valuable time.

1. KingoRoot


If you are searching for an alternative to SuperSU that is a faster and easier rooting application, then Kingoroot is for you because it can root your Android device within minutes.

As some devices have the bootloader locked, those devices need to unlock the bootloader first and then try to root using this app. Smartphones like Samsung, LG, Redmi, Lenovo, and some other devices have high-security builds, but still, you can easily root them using Kingoroot.


2. Root Booster

Root Booster

If you want to run your applications more smoothly without any lags or want to get rid of poor battery life, then Root Booster is for you. Root Booster gives you the most proven settings to achieve the best results.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use; you can easily apply the best settings for your device’s main components to ensure speed boost, stability boost, or speed boost. Root Booster brings you the best settings and is one of the best alternatives for SuperSU.


3. King Go Root Checker

King Go Root Checker

Many of you don’t know whether you have root access on your device or not; this application is for those to help them perform a free and quick root check to configure the proper root access on your Android device. This Root checker also informs you about your device’s model and version.

But remember that this application doesn’t root or alter any system files except to provide you with important information about the root. So it is completely safe to use.


4. BusyBox Pro

BusyBox Pro

If you are getting frustrated with system applications and getting rid of them, BusyBox Pro is for you. You can easily install and uninstall services that you cannot delete or remove on your Android devices.

BusyBox Pro is based on Linux commands that are concentrated in an individual application, and you can access all the settings through the BusyBox Pro. Therefore, it is a paid application, therefore absolutely ad-free, and gives you protection while using the internet on your device.


5. SuperUser


Want to get rid of some annoying built-in application on your Android device? Then SuperUser is for you. This is an executive tool that allows you to complete privileged rooting activities on your devices. You can easily grant or deny permission for rooting services for the application that asks for it.

What you have to do is allow the root privilege to SuperUser automatically or every time give permission when you use it. You can use it to remove the root permission facility or set your own preferences.


6. Magisk


You can easily root any Android device without a PC with Magisk; it doesn’t matter which Android version you have. It will work. To root your device with Magisk, you need to have your phone’s bootloader unlocked with custom recovery installed to root your Android device.

You can also manage root permission for third-party apps. And talking about the best feature of Magisk, then you can root your device without retard with the Google Play Services. Therefore, it is the best alternative for SuperSU.


7. One Click Root

One Click Root

If you are looking for a fast, secure, and easy rooting procedure for your Android device, then One Click Root is for you. With this application, you can boost the speed and battery and enable them to block ads in any app.

You don’t need to worry about privacy because One Click Root ensures that everything is done securely and smoothly. In my opinion, you can select this One Click Root as an alternative to SuperSU.


8. Root Checker Pro

Root Checker Pro

You can use this application to check your device to confirm whether your Android device is rooted or not. Using this application is very simplistic. You can install the software and tap on the check button to initiate the tool.

If you wish, you can also utilize Root Checker Pro to display the device information with its name and current Android version.


9. Advanced Root Checker

Advanced Root Checker
3k Developers

Feature-rich Advanced Root Checker is a worthy alternative to SuperSU as its name suggests. More than 100K people trust this app to manage rooting services. With it, you can check whether a phone is rooted or not in the blink of an eye.

Other than that, you will find detailed information about the rooting process. Furthermore, knowing the device’s name, modes and OS is a matter of moment. Also, you will get all rooting management features. Moreover, it has a simple UI for easy to use.


10. Root Checker

Root Checker

With over 50 million downloads and a 342K rating on Play Store, Root Checker is a very straightforward app for what it does like root checking and managing root access using SU binary.

Moreover, the app is very simple to use and manages the path of installing, configuring, and gaining root access or uninstalling and removing root access. However, Root Checker sends all information via email. All in all, Root Checker is one of the best app root management.



If SuperSu is not working on your device, these alternatives will definitely entertain your geeky motives. Let us know if any alternative of your choice is missing from our top list in the comment section.