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Starbucks Mobile

Starbucks Patched a Bug in its Domain, Leading to Remote Code Execution

To Starbucks on HackerOne, a bug hunter has submitted a report defining an RCE vulnerability in one of its domains. He explained that an...
PlayStation Now Bug Led to RCE Attack

PlayStation Now Bug Led to RCE Attacks, Disclosed and Patched

A bug hunter was rewarded $15,000 for reporting a critical RCE bug in Sony's PS Now. He described that this bug, when exploited, can...
Google Maps

Google Rewarded $10,000 to a Bug Hunter For Pointing an XSS Bug in Maps

An application security head has discovered a cross-site scripting bug in Google Maps and was rewarded a bounty of $5,000 after reporting it. Soon...
A Chance to Win $1-Plus Who can Hack Titan M Security Chip: Google

A Chance to Win $1M Plus Who Can Hack Titan M Security Chip: Google

The Android bug bounty program was expanded by the company. It is one of the recent moves to ramp up the security of mobile....

Huawei’s Hosting a Secret Bug Bounty Program with a Bunch Of Hackers this Month.

These technology companies always do, periodically or whenever they got a new product. They call up a bunch of ethical hackers and offer them...

Hackers Earn Millions at Hacking Event With HackerOne, GitHub and Version Media

HackerOne is a bug bounty and pretesting platform. This San Francisco helps organizations to find and fix critical flaws in their product before it...

Google Offers Highest Bug Bounty for Third Party Android Apps

As per the latest report, Google is trying to extend the bug bounty program for the play store. To secure all the apps in...
Apple Forced WordPress Developer to Set In-app Payment System

Apple will now Offer Highest Bug Bounty upto $1 Million to Hackers

Apple recently announced that they would be making changes to their bug bounty program. They have immensely increased the maximum reward from $200,000 to...
Hack Any Instagram Account

Indian Bug Bounty Hunter Detected a Bug to Hack Any Instagram Account

Recently, Facebook avoided a big disaster. Instagram was at the mercy of hackers, as they can hack Instagram account without any interaction from the...

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