The Android bug bounty program was expanded by the company. It is one of the recent moves to ramp up the security of mobile. Titan M Security Chip is the part of pixel devices of the company and Google willing to pay the amount of one $1 Million Dollars to the person who can hack the Pixel Titan M Ship.

The security prices to the Android increased by the company, as mentioned in their one blog post on Thursday. The company also wrote that Google had paid $4 million in approximately 1, 800 reports to people who find the vulnerabilities on this platform.

A Chance to Win $1-Plus Who can Hack Titan M Security Chip: Google
A Chance to Win $1-Plus Who can Hack Titan M Security Chip: Google

The main focus is on the technology of Google for expanding own programs instead of the huge ecosystem and the news that they offer such a high amount of money for the hackers to deeply testing the security of Titan chip on the impending Android versions.

Titan M was released by Google last year in its Pixel 3 smartphone. The most sensitive data storage is separated from its main processor for protection purposes, and this will also prevent it from the definite types of attacks.

In the Key technology of Android, Titan M was integrated by Google while releasing the security key of Titan in August 2018. It is like a USB dongle and added a new security feature for all the accounts of Google-like two-factor authentication and prevention from attacks.

Source – Google Application Security


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