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Best Torrent Search Engines

16 Best Torrent Search Engine Sites (2023)

Google has been the top search engine for a long time, and it will be for many more years. Because of its ease of...
Best Pirate Bay Alternatives

8 Best Pirate Bay Alternatives That Work in (September 2023)

We have all used torrents to download some sort of content at least once. Be it legal or illegal. And if you have used...
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Has Some Broken Features, Causing Bad User Experience

While growing to the No.1 position is hard, staying in that position is even harder. The Pirate Bay may not understand until it fixes...
The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay New Site Changes Makes It Harder For Finding Content

Earlier this month, The Pirate Bay has resurfaced its surface-web website after a month's downtime. But, it doesn't seem to be coming with any...
The Pirate Bay Blocked By MalwareBytes

Malwarebytes Blocked “The Pirate Bay” After Finding a Crypto Miner in its Site

Sites hosting pirate content are often subjected to inaccessibility. They could either be dunking authorities or revamping settings to evade breaches. But, an infamous...

The Pirate Bay is Now Accessible By its Original Domain After a Long Downtime

One of the grand torrenting sites, The Pirate Bay, is back with its original .org domain after a month. It's been facing a lot...

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