With better connectivity and more people using the internet for communication, there is a drastic growth in what you can do on the internet. You can order any items online and get them delivered to your doorstep. You can also hire professionals to do specific tasks. TaskRabbit is one of them. 

TaskRabbit allows you to find professionals doing one-time tasks requiring skill and enterprise. From furniture assembly to electric work, home sanitization to painting, the platform has professionals for all kinds of services.

It saves time for you as the person with expertise does the job. Then it also provides skilled people to earn by doing small one-time tasks. However, TaskRabbit isn’t the only player in town; many excellent TaskRabbit alternatives are available. 

Today, we will be listing the best TaskRabbit alternatives. Depending on your needs, you can choose from any of the platforms mentioned below. So make sure to explore the list. 

1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a good TaskRabbit alternative if you have a company with skilled professionals. The platform allows you to list your company on their feed, and customers can find your business. If you have any home-related tasks or other tasks, you can view the profiles of various professionals on Thumbtack. 

Thumbtack AlternativesThe platform covers a wide range of services, including House cleaning, massages, moving services, tree trimming, wedding catering, appliance maintenance, dog training, etc. As a professional or company listed on Thumbtack, you don’t have to pay a commission fee. Instead, you have to pay per lead. So make sure to check out this platform. 

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2. Wonolo

Next up on the list is Wonolo, and this is an excellent TaskRabbit alternative as it also provides many on-demand staffing services. One of the best things about this platform is that you will always find the best professionals. This is mainly because the platform has an excellent vetting program that allows only the best. 

WonoloIf you are a big company and want people for on-demand hourly or daily job needs, then Wonolo is a platform you should check out. It is also great for job seekers as they can work with flexible timings for various companies and make a good income. 

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3. Handy

Handy is an excellent platform for people who have small one-time needs. From electric work to painting, plumbing to floor repairing, this is an excellent platform to find experts for such tasks. 

HandyUnlike TaskRabbit, where you decide how much to charge, this platform sets hourly rates based on your gig. You can bump them by getting better reviews and doing more tasks. This is good for the customers as they will always find the best people for the job. 

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4. Angi

Next on the list is Angi. If you want to connect with the best local businesses and professionals, this is the platform you should explore.

AngiYou can find professionals for various jobs, such as plumbing, roofing, landscaping, painting, and carpet cleaning. The platform offers more home services. One remarkable feature is its satisfaction guarantee. 

Interestingly, this is a subscription-based platform, so it is best suited for individuals and companies that frequently need professionals. If you need experts for one-time tasks, check out this platform. 

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5. Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is, also known as MTurk, one of the best TaskRabbit alternatives. It is a great place for skilled professionals to find small one-time gigs and short projects. 

Amazon Mechanical TurkThe platform works as a crowdsourcing solution for the outsourcing market. It offers various gigs for professionals, such as SEO work and survey filling. The payout is also pretty decent. 

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6. Craigslist 

There is no way that you haven’t used or heard about Craigslist at least once. The platform is a gold mine if you want to find the best local businesses and services. From budget-friendly to expensive, you can choose whatever services you like. 

CraigslistThe platform is also excellent for users who want to find small gigs, as there is no shortage of demand here. All the money you earn is yours, as Craigslist doesn’t charge any commission fees from users. Even as a customer, you can post a job for free. So, definitely check out this one. 

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7. Upshift

Upshift is a platform connecting you to businesses looking for one-time gig workers. It is an excellent platform for finding small gigs that can earn you a good amount. 

UpshiftThe platform provides better services for the workers, allowing for flexibility in working hours. The workers decide where they want to work, so you can try it out. 

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8. HomeAdvisor 

If you want the best and most reliable professionals for your short project, then HomeAdvisor is the right platform. Angi powers this site, but it is a different platform. It allows you to see ratings and reviews from previous owners to decide which professional is the best. 

HomeAdvisorBusinesses listed here pay a small fee to the platform for every lead. This is good because every lead can be converted into a customer. 

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