Many of you know Tor is one of the most popular open-source browsers in the field of Anonymous Browsing. Using Tor, you can explore the unindexed parts of the web and create a deep website and marketplace. In Tor, there is no end-to-end connection. It just switches your connection to different IPs to hide your identity. Tor is best at routing ID Addresses to hide users’ internet activity.

After the Incident of Silk Road, Tor is now tracked by NSA and Government Agencies. Many people don’t know that the US Department of Defense-funded the Tor Project, including the NSA. So If you are into some dark shit. Tor is not a good option for you as these alternatives. You can choose any similar browser like Tor according to your need.

List of Best Tor Browser Alternatives You Can Use

These are some of the best software which is similar to Tor. Check out the given below list and start using any software of your choice.

1. Freenet


Freenet is a software that allows you to share files, browse and publish free sites anonymously. You can also chat on forums without any problem. It is free software to use, and it uses P2P tools for distributed data storage.

This software is decentralized, so there are fewer chances of vulnerable attacks. And if you use Dark Mode to get connected to friends, it is tough to identify. There are two-tier safety measures: Opennet and Darknet.

Visit Freenet Website

2. JonDo Live-CD


JonDo Live-CD is a Linux-based OS. It is available for both free and premium service. It is a proxy client and will deliver the traffic of your internet apps encrypted to the mix cascades. JonDo hides your IP address. Live-CD offers a secure, pre-configured environment for anonymous surfing, chats, and more.

Visit JonDo Live-CD Website

3. I2P


It is an anonymous network, which is one of the best alternatives to Tor. With the help of I2P, the users can create and access content and build a community on the network, which is distributed and dynamic.

Apart from anonymizing traffic in the network, I2P uses the same capabilities as the Internet. For the free flow of information, its design and decentralization create a censorship-resistant environment. It is available for free to download.

Visit I2P Website

4. Tox


Tox is easy-to-use anonymous software that connects you with your friends and family. It is completely free to use with a lot of amazing features. There are no central servers that can be attacked or shut down as the network is made up of its users. However, as it is free software, you will get advertisements in between.

Visit Tox Website

5. IprediaOS


IprediaOS is a powerful Operating system based on Linux. There are so many apps available on IprediaOS. All the traffic is automatically encrypted via I2P. With IprediaOS, you can get:

  • I2P Router
  • Anonymous BitTorrent client
  • Anonymous IRC client
  • Browse Internet Anonymously
  • Anonymous e-mail client
  • Find anonymous websites (i2p sites)

Visit IprediaOS Website

6. Lightweight Portable Security

Lightweight portable security

Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) is an open-source software developed by the United States Department of Defense’s Air Force Research Laboratory. It is specially designed for serving a safe and secure end mode.

The safe end node is created from dependable media on any Intel-based computer PC or Mac. LPS-Public is a general-purpose solution for using web-based apps.

Visit Lightweight Portable Security Website

Apart from this software, most of us use VPNs also. VPN, a Virtual Private Network, lets you use all the blocked sites in your country. Most of you have used VPNs; there are so many VPNs available on the Internet. Before using a VPN or a Tor, it is better to know its benefits.

So, these are some of the best alternatives to the Tor Browser. Try out any from the given list and browse anonymously.


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