Some projects were developed by a small team in not the best conditions, while other works were created by professionals in world-famous studios.

In any case, our list of the best games of all time includes all the coolest things from the gaming world. Among them, there are old and relatively new but already famous games with cool graphics that are demanding on hardware.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a unique game in its genre, featuring many legends, each with their own unique abilities. Each of the skills available to the heroes is perfectly combined with each other, which gives rise to many effective combinations of legends.

Apex is one of the few games where it’s not that teamplay is important – without it, it’s absolutely impossible. It is also important that lately, Apex has been rapidly developing as a cyber discipline: various tournaments are constantly held with the participation of teams from all over the world, and the prize money is growing every year.

In addition, competitions are also held in the 3×3 Arena mode, which was introduced relatively recently but has already received several tournaments on the professional scene. Along with the popularity of the game, players’ demand for apex legends boosting is growing.

This is because, today, players no longer want to spend hours completing activities that they may not like. This makes life easier in the game and allows you to enjoy the gameplay. And this game really has something to enjoy – great graphics, interesting missions, and prizes.

Mass Effect Trilogy

The year is 2183, and humanity has managed to visit various places in the Milky Way. However, humanity is not alone in the galaxy – there are other races, and people managed to fight with some of them.

There is a certain legend that says that every 50,000 years, robots fly into the galaxy and destroy all life. You have to investigate this case and save the galaxy if it turns out to be true. The adventures of Captain Shepard are filled with a lot of shootings and moral choices.

Grand Theft Auto Series

Many players are attracted to the criminal world because this is one of the aspects of life that is not accessible to everyone. Yes, crime is bad, but in particularly poor parts of the world, crime cannot be eradicated.

The GTA series will tell you more about the underworld, the mafia, and more. Awesome serious adventures with interesting characters await you. A cult series of the best games of all time. And fans of multiplayer mode should pay attention to Grand Theft Auto Online.

Dark Souls Series

An offline solo Action RPG in a dark world with increased difficulty was perceived by players as something special because, before 2011, there were almost no such games.

However, the plot of the best game of all time is based on the fact that each time our character has to light the fire anew.

With this action, he will continue the era of fire, which gives life. Otherwise, you have to improve your character using souls (as currency) and various equipment. Believe me, high complexity is not an obstacle at all, but the highlight of this series.

By the way, the Project Eclipse team has released a new trailer for a completely new mod for Dark Souls 3 called Ominous Wish.

Civilization Series

A series of turn-based strategies during which you will develop your own civilization. The best game of all time began in the ancient world when people were just learning to write and draw.

Gradually, time moves on, and new technologies begin to bring serious benefits. You will have many opportunities, but will you be able to use them as competently as possible so as not to ruin your own greatness in the eyes of your people?

Prince of Persia

The exciting single adventures of the Prince of Persia are filled with a lot of battles against various opponents, including magical ones. In some parts of the series, the main character can use magical skills to gain an advantage in battle, for example, time management.

If the Prince fell into the abyss or received a fatal blow, you can use a dagger with the sand of time, which will give you one or more attempts (depending on the amount of sand) to perform the correct actions. Otherwise, this is a great slasher game with increased complexity.

Mortal Kombat Series

It’s time to mention fighting games – the Mortal Kombat series is an immortal classic. Initially, the idea was simple: to make a simple fighting game for slot machines.

But this idea grew into something more – and so a legendary series of games with recognizable finishing moves, colorful characters, and a unique game world appeared.

Mortal Kombat 1 is now available to play and many guides for fatalities and mechanics are written to make gamers experience better.


As you can see, the list of games is more than extensive and everyone will find a game to their liking. In recent years, quite a few masterpieces have been released on the gaming scene, so quickly stock up on sweets and dive into new gaming worlds.


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