You are not alone if some of your music is not playing on your default music player. Did you ever think about why it just happened? All because of different audio formats not supported by your existing media player. Therefore, opting for a good FLAC player is always an excellent opportunity.

However, FLAC is a popular audio format for the free lossless audio codec. It helps reduce the audio file size by 30 to 40% without compromising the audio quality. Many audio players support the format on Android. If you haven’t any capable app, check out the best FLAC player apps for Android.

Best FLAC Players for Android

Despite the long list of FLAC player apps on the play store. Very few are functional to play this format on your Android. Here is the list of the best free FLAC players for Android.

1. VLC Player for Android

VLC player on Android

Who doesn’t know about the VLC? One of the evergreen media players for ages for personal computers. Now you can enjoy the VLC player on Android. The open-source app has been downloaded 100 million times on the play store with over 1.42 million reviews.

Hence, it supports almost every format, including FLAC. So, playing an FLAC audio file becomes easy for us. However, you can also play videos with this player. It has an equalizer and audio filter to choose the sound type comfortably.

2. Power AMP

Power AMP

Power AMP is one of the most powerful music players for Android. Since 2010, this music player has been serving its mouth-watering services to its users, and now, a decade has passed proudly. Along with other audio formats, it also supports the FLAC.

The wholesome music player is good at 30/50/100 volume levels. You can tune the song in the gapless smooth. However, Power AMP is not a free app like others. You have to pay to get its exclusive features and services.

3. Stellio


It was an established music player app on the Play Store in 2020. Even after the late entry in this genre, Stellio has found a way to be one of the best, and today, it has more than 1 million installations. However, it lets you play FLAC audio formats, including MP3, CUE, APE, M4A, and WAV.

The music player is known for its theme and stylish look. Its pleasant aesthetic interface can fascinate anyone. In addition, it provides high-quality sounds. Stellio offers lyrics with an internet connection. Moreover, the app is compatible with Android Wear.

4. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player

With over 5 million downloads, regardless of any other features, Pulsar Music Player is considerably one of the best FLAC apps for Android. It provides a resizeable widget on the home screen for your convenience.

Gapless playback, cross-fade support, and play speed adjustment are major features. You can also see embedded lyrics and music visualizer rendering. Pulsar Music Player is a simple and lightweight music player you can use to tune FLAC and other formats.



If you are looking for a free app that supports FLAC? Then look no further than the AIMP. The free music player is immensely popular, though. It supports various audio formats.

The lightweight app provides easy customization. You can opt for dark or light themes anytime you want. Even you can use other themes according to your preference. Above all, the user interface is really easy to use and understandable.

6. Foobar


Well, Foobar is another significant music player that you should look for. Using the music player, you can play many audio formats. FLAC is one of them. It looks very simple compared to other music players, but very optimistic regarding its capabilities.

Needless to say, the minimalist look always grabs the attention for its simplicity. Therefore, it has more than 1 million users worldwide. Apart from this, it has other features to talk about. Gapless playback is a notable one.

7. Musicolet


Next on the list, Musicolet is one of the minimal-look powerful music players for us. With stunning widgets, the app also supports various other themes inside the app, which is the most important feature of the app. You can play FLAC in this player as well.

Its dynamic equalizer produces separate presets and settings for headphones and speakers. Hence, the app allows us to set a timer. Musicolet is an ads-free app for forever. Do you need anything else after that?

8. Omnia Music Player

omnia music player

We have another one about the flexible music player that supports FLAC. Omnia Music Player is relatively famous for being ads-free.

Besides, the player is highly customizable and can choose from many color combinations and themes. Many other useful features are also available.

Final Words

These are the best FLAC player apps for Android that you can consider. We have listed simple to advanced music players. Which one are you selecting? Let me know in the comment section.


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