By introducing the iPod, Apple truly revolutionized the portable media player industry. Now, they are continuing that same effort with Apple Music on all of their devices, even when iPod is a thing of the past. 

Although the built-in Apple Music app is excellent, many users still want third-party music player apps to play local files and have more customization options. That is why this guide will show you the best iPhone music player apps.

Best iPhone Music Player Apps in 2024

1. jetAudio 

jetAudio To begin with, we have jetAudio, which is an excellent choice for people who want many customization options with the playback. COWON developed this music player and also makes many portable media players, so you are going to get a great app fine-tuned for music. 

With this app, you will see most of the playback actions on the screen, which is excellent for people who customize. In addition, it has sound enhancers, which will elevate your music experience. The interface of this app is also snappy, so you will not get bored with it. 

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2. Vox Music Player

Vox Music PlayerVox Music Player is easily one of the most popular and best iPhone music player apps. It is also available for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. The swipe gestures make it fun to use.

The built-in equalizer comes with many presets and works excellently to customize the sound you like.

However, one of the most remarkable features of this music player is that it can also integrate with SoundCloud, LastFM, and Spotify accounts within the Vox Music Player app to get a seamless listening experience. 

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3. Foobar

FoobarFoobar is a versatile music player that supports many music formats, which is why it is a go-to choice for many. While the playback interface of the app is relatively minimal and only has essential elements, the rich settings interface covers everything you will need.

Foobar supports file formats like MP3, MP4, AAC, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, and even more.

The interface of this music player is as clean as it gets. The 18-band equalizer helps you customize the music according to your preferences. So make sure that you try this one out. 

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4. Onkyo HF Player

Onkyo HF PlayerFor people looking for a music player that can support high-res audio, Onkyo HF Player will be a good choice. One of the most distinguishing features of this music player is that it allows you to download EQ presets. It also supports many popular headsets that support high-res audio. 

With Onkyo HF Player, you have many customization options that allow you to get more personalized sound. Moreover, the interface of this music player is excellent, as it is pretty minimalistic.  

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5. Cesium 

Cesium Cesium is a perfect iPhone music player app for people looking for an attractive interface that is also easy to use. With Cesium, you can seamlessly control your iCloud library. In addition, you can group the tracks with various parameters; if you want them all at once, that is an option, too. 

The swipe gestures on this app are some of the best you will ever see. In addition, the RGB sliders look cool and fun to use. The player also has a night mode, a must-try with many themes. 

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6. Jams on Toast

Jams on ToastWith an exciting name, Jams on Toast is easily among the market’s best iPhone music player apps. This player focuses on providing users with more organized music, sorting the tracks by individual records and albums. So, if you are looking for vintage vibes with your music player, this one is it.

The nifty gestures on the music player are convenient, and there are also many visual elements that make it look more appealing. However, one feature or lack of it might trouble you a little: the absence of shuffle. Other than that, it is a great music player. 

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7. TapTunes

TapTunes TapTunes is perfect for people looking for a simplified musical experience on their iPhones. This one falls perfectly into the minimalist category, providing all the basic and essential features required for a music player. 

For all the people who need a simple and easy-to-use music player, this one is going to be perfect for them. For people who listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, this music player will provide a seamless experience. The interface is stunning, with no clutter at all. On top of that, you can also customize the interface as per your needs. 

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MPX EQIf you have liked podcasts and music together, we recommend you seriously consider the MPX EQ iPhone music player from Layo Lake LLC. Feature-wise, it’s a complete music player with tons of other features.

Along with all the perfect music features, the app also comes in handy for DJs. It has column booster, crossfader, and bass booster. It also allows using one preset and a 10-band equalizer.

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9. Stezza Music Player

Stezza Music PlayerYet another incredible music player for iOS devices. With this music player, you can connect with iTunes easily. Moreover, the app featured all iPod standard features to give you an excellent look.

Even if you want to use custom color themes, the music player has everything you need. It also has an adaptive album theme with lots of customization. Above all, Stezza is compatible with Pioneer AppRadio.

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10. Flacbox: Hi-Res Music Player

FlacboxThe Flacbox Player App is available for the iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices and features cloud storage playback in addition to offline downloading. It allows you to create and edit playlists, as well as personalize the user interface and stream to many devices.

The software also features the ability to change the tempo, pitch, and EQ of your playback as well as share your music with friends. In conclusion, Flacbox Player App is a strong and flexible music player for iOS devices.

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