You will be surprised to know how many ways a smartphone can help you in your daily life. We mostly use it for calls, messages, social media, and taking pictures now and then. But you can actually do a lot of other stuff using your smartphones. 

You can actually use your smartphone for massage out of many weird things. You might be thinking that this is some kind of typo, but it is not. Some great vibration apps for smartphones allow you to get a massage using your mobile. 

This guide will find the list of the best vibration apps for smartphones. These apps provide you with relaxing massage, but they can also help you control your stress. Using these apps, you can take some personal time and relax for a while.

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List of Best Vibration Apps for Massage (Android & iOS)

1. Vibrator Massager GVibe

Vibrator Massager GVibeThe number one on the list is Vibrator Massager GVibe and it is easily one of the best vibration apps for smartphones. One of the reasons this app is remarkable is that it has ten different vibration modes that can help your body relax completely. 

Another reason why this app is so great is because of the strong vibration it can produce. The vibrations from this app truly work to relax your body. There are a lot of other cool features like a lock screen, password protection, etc., that make this app a must-try for everyone. This is also one of the few apps available for both iOS and Android. 

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2. Vibrator X

Vibrator XWith the daily work at the office, commute, and everything, sometimes it becomes too stressful at the end of the day. At that moment, all you can think of is to relax a little. However, it is not easy to find suitable relaxation methods. 

In that case, Vibrator X is definitely going to helo you a lot. First things first, this app has one of the best user interface on the list and there is just no other way around it. You can use this app to get a massage and even use it for meditation purposes. The app comes with 4 different modes to choose from and you can choose accordingly. 

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3. Vibrator – Relax Massager App

Vibrator - Relax Massager AppThe App Store is filled with similar applications that transform your iPhone into an electronic massager. This one stands out due to its top ratings and user-friendly interface.

It is possible to switch between various vibration patterns. You can choose the speed and the power of the patterns. You can choose from 12 distinct patterns to choose from, each of them delivering enjoyable sensations in its individual method.

The app can be utilized for a variety of reasons. It can be used, for example, getting free of pain in the muscles, relaxing and stress relief, a boost in metabolism, and much more.

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4. Perfect mobile massager+

Perfect mobile massager+Perfect mobile massager+ is one of the best vibration apps for smartphones, and one of the main reasons for that is: it is available for both iOS and Android. If we talk about the grand scheme of things, this app is relatively new in the market but has made a significant dent. 

As per the users, the vibration on this app is a bit soft compared to the other apps on the list. This makes it an excellent candidate for users who want soft vibrations during the massage. 

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5. iMessage U Vibrating Massager

iMessage U Vibrating MassagerThe functioning of this app is excellent in many ways. First of all, it combines both the vibrator motor and the Taptic engine of your iPhone to create the best vibrations needed for relaxing your body. Then the app offers you about 10 different modes to choose from. 

This app can be used to get a massage around your neck and release some of the muscle tension. On top of that, this app can also help you get some good sleep by relaxing your body. 

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6. Body Massager Vibration App

Body Massager Vibration AppNext on the list is the Body Massager Vibration app and this is also one of the best vibration apps for smartphones. The app comes with three vibrator settings to help you relax and have a good time. You can use this app to massage your neck and get a good night’s sleep. If you had a tiring training session, you could even use the hard massage mode to relax your sore muscles. 

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7. Vibrator: Strong Vibration App

Vibrator: Strong Vibration AppVibrator: Strong Vibration App is a great app to have if you feel tired all the time. The best thing about this app is that it can work in the background with no problem. This allows you to turn off the screen of your phone and relax totally.

There are just unlimited vibration modes that you can set according to your choice. It consoles itself as a calculator app in case you want to keep it anonymous. Make sure that you try this one out.

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