You could want to lead a healthy life but might be too lazy to get it done or some of you get too caught up in your work. Some way or the other, we all neglect exercising or working out despite knowing this can turn out bad for our physical selves in the short or long run. 

And let’s face it, everyone around will fill you with thousand reasons why you should be healthier and start exercising. Still, no one tells you where to start from exactly and that puts you in a place where you have to start browsing about your questions and too much information available on the internet overwhelms you. No wonders, give up too! You end up being exhausting already. 

But not this time, Let us take small steps. What could be the best form of exercising yet beginner-friendly? Of course, it’s Walking! Did you know that walking makes you help maintain an appropriate healthy weight and lose body fat, Enhance your cardiovascular fitness, prevent heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and much more! With that being said, let us find out how you can start your walking routine, which is not too complicated, with the help of your smartphones.

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List of Best Walking Apps For Android and iOS

1. Walking for Weight Loss: Walking Tracker & Pedometer

This app has designed for everyone who wants to lose weight by walking. This is quite a popular app for the work it does. It lets you know when you walk faster or slower. It has features of leveling up like beginner, intermediate and complex, through which you can select your comfort level and lose the fat easier.

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2. Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

Bringing you the most loved app by its user for the features it has, it helps you track the number of steps you take and calories you burnt. It also provides you with fitness plans with a constantly working activity tracker throughout the day. 

It has an option to invite your friends and family to encourage walking together and stay healthy. Furthermore, it has the guidance of coaches to get you to upgrade and keep the flow maintained and improved.

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3. Map My Run

May My Run is the perfect app because the next step you take after walking is running and this app is exactly about that. It promptly calculates the steps you take and the calories you burnt. 

For the days when you don’t feel like going for a walk, it has a set of exercises available to do at home and extract as many benefits from it as you can. With that being said, this app easily gets along with your other digital gadgets like smart or apple watch.

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4. StepsApp Pedometer & Step Counter

An application like StepsApp Pedometer looks so sassy yet works fantastic. You get a great display of your track of walking and calories burnt, yet the app’s performance isn’t compromised. 

It has this unique form of showing the track down through graphs and calendars. It has features where you can share your wins on social media. This app is accessible in 20+ languages. 

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5. Walk The Distance

This app perfectly sums up its title. It has developed to sync with your favorite health app and adds that extra joy to your walking routine by showing up some beautiful images of the areas around you, so you walk until you witness them. You should definitely give this one a try. 

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6. Step Counter

Next on the list is, we have Step Counter, which is heavenly for the performance it serves. It neither drains out your phone battery nor asks for an internet connection to work. Yet, it gets the best job done. 

Step Counter app is absolutely free of cost and has no pushy ads to force you to go for a premium level. It tracks down the steps you take while you use the app. You can stay focused on your walking without any disturbance and still get most of the benefits from the app.

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7. Fitbit: Health and Fitness

Fitbit app helps you track your movements, steps, and other activities smoothly. It doesn’t require a special Fitbit band connection. It works on the mobile sensor itself. You can count on the walking or running you do and also hiking. 

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8. Walk Workout & Meal Planner

Last but not least, we have this all-in-one app which is a lifesaver for many out there. It does not just track the number of steps you walk but also makes you a planner of the right meals you should have. 

It notifies you to stay hydrated and intake water now and then. It also has many training programs for those interested in improving every coming day. You’re all set to start your walking and being health journey so easy with it.  

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