The internet is a vast and ever-evolving space where websites and online content are changing or disappearing over time. Sometimes your favorite websites might be offline and inactive for a long time. But that’s where web archiving services come into play, they help preserve web pages.

One of the known web archiving services on the Internet is the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive. With its service, you can access and reference web pages in the future. Well, the good thing is there are a lot of sites like Internet Archive that you can also explore.

In this article, we’ve made a list of the best Wayback Machine alternatives. These platforms offer similar features, allowing you to access historical web content. Even if you want to purchase an old domain, you can use an archiving service to know what content it once served.

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives (Internet Archive)

Suppose you want to access valuable information on a website even after it goes offline. The platforms listed below are the best options at the moment, you can check them out.

1. Stillio

When it comes to archiving web pages on the internet, Stillio is one of the best you can use. Basically, Stillio serves different purposes which include tracking website changes to preserving web content.

Also, Stillio uses automated screen capture to capture screenshots of web pages at regular intervals. If you want to know the visual record of how websites evolve over time, Stillio is your go-to option.

Another reason why you’ll like Stillio is how easily it allows users to access archived pages and also archive a page. Lastly, the archive services provided by Stillio don’t come for free but there’s a free trial.

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Next on the list is and it is one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives you can use. You’ll actually love this website because it offers a straightforward and user-friendly web archiving service.

With, you can access previous snapshots of any website regardless of the domain extension. Furthermore, it allows users to capture snapshots of web pages and create archived versions.

With just a few clicks, users can archive web pages and obtain direct links to the archived versions, making it easy to preserve and reference online sources.

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3. PagеFrееzеr

Another archiving service provider is PageFreezer and it offers comprehensive archiving solutions. PageFreezer is quite a handy tool for businesses, researchers and anyone who wants to keep web content.

One of the notable differences between PageFreezer and other alternatives is how it works. Using this service, you can’t just archive any type of web page unless it meets certain requirements.

PagеFrееzеr provides a trusted solution to maintain the accuracy and reliability of your websites. Its straightforward approach makes it one of the best web archive service providers.

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4. ITools Archive

Most archiving services no longer give free previews or take snapshots like Wayback Machine. iTools Archive has proven to be one of the best Internet Archive alternatives for accessing web content.

Aside from taking web page snapshots or previewing them, iTools Archive also works for getting website information.

iTools Archive gives a straightforward approach towards capturing and preserving web pages. Creating permanent URLS on iTools Archive comes with no stress attached.

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5. UK Web Archive

UK Web Archive is a recommended internet archive service for anyone looking to access webpages related to the UK. Moreover, it serves as the official archive of the UK residents.

This platform archives online publications, websites and even documents. One of the cool things about it is that even if you’re not in the UK, you can access content from the platform.

Also, the UK Web Archive allows preserving web pages and it covers a vast category of content. You’ll like the website due to its friendly interface and smooth navigation.

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6. Memento Time Travel

From the name, you’ll surely know what Momento Time Travel stands for. This is a free archiving service that’ll take you back in time to see how a website or page once looked.

What has made it popular is due to accurate wayback tracking which it uses to gather information about a website. Momento Time Travel collaborates with different web archives to give better results.

Furthermore, Momento Time Travel also allows users to access content via aggregated access. It has proven to be a valuable resource for researchers and individuals.

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7. WebCite

WebCite is another alternative to Wayback Machine for citing web content online with confidence. If you’re a publisher or researcher, you’ll love the services of WebCite.

Aside from the simplicity and friendly user interface, WebCite offers a unique way to access snapshots of web pages.

The service generates a stable citation link that leads to a static snapshot of the web page. Besides, the service offered by WebCite is completely free for everyone to use.

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8. Perma

When looking for one of the best Wayback Machine alternatives, you should consider Perma as a top choice. This archiving service comes with a legal focus, limiting services to illegal sites.

Perma ensures that links to legal sources remain reliable and unaltered for the long term. In addition to keeping legal content, it stores court cases, statutes and other legal information.

If you work with legal content and you want to maintain it for accessibility in the near future. Perma is one of the best web archiving service providers you can use.

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9. CachedView

With CachedView, you can access web pages cached by Google and While this platform doesn’t allow you to preserve a web page or store content for later use.

One of the best ways it works is by allowing users to get a preview of a website the last time it was crawled by Google.

CachedView works well but it doesn’t give full archive services especially when a web page is offline.

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10. Fluxguard

Rounding up the list, Fluxguard also offers an innovative approach to web archiving. If you’re looking for the best Wayback Machine alternatives, you can use Fluxguard.

Instead of archiving entire web pages, Fluxguard focuses on capturing specific changes to web content.

Fluxguard is the preferred choice for anyone interested in tracking alterations and updates to online content.

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With these internet archiving services available, you can access web snapshots and also preserve web pages. When looking for better platforms compared to Wayback Machine, they’re your go-to option. Lastly, each archive platform works differently and some of them are not free.


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