Nowadays, almost every household has a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi makes sense as it is cheaper than mobile data and offers decent speed. However, sometimes, you might encounter adverse speed and network conditions on your Wi-Fi connections.

It might happen for several reasons, but the most common one is your network being used by an unauthorized person. But there is nothing to worry about, as several applications are available to detect such users and permanently block their devices from your wifi network.

However, for a non-tech person, finding the best app that does the work best might be challenging. So, we have created a list of the best Android apps to see who is connected to your Wifi network. The apps listed below not only find the wifi users but can also offer several other features.

Best Android Apps To See Who is Connected

  • Wifi Monitor
  • WiFi Router Setup & Speedtest
  • Fing
  • Network Scanner
  • Wifi Tools
  • Wifiman
  • IP Tools
  • Wifi Thief Detector

1. Wifi Monitor

This Android app tells you who is connected to your network, finds hosts and checks their ports. For example, Wifi Monitor can be used as a TCP Port Scanner to search NIC vendor databases and to identify services based on their service banners. 

Wifi MonitorMoreover, it can scan and connect to well-known services directly from the application results. Wi-Fi Monitor users can also download this app, which is only a few megabytes in size.


2. WiFi Router Setup & Speedtest

Our next Wifi analyzer app combines a port scanner with a network scanning and discovery tool. The best part of this tool is that it operates without any pop-up advertisements and has a simple UI.

WiFi Router Setup & Speedtest

WiFi Router Setup & Speedtest can detect gaps and security problems in your network. In addition, the Android app enables you to identify network bandwidth wasters and scan available public hotspots for proper security certification.


3. Fing – Network Tools

Using Fing, you may check IP allocation and open ports in a local area network. The fantastic app can help you understand your network’s use and verify any alleged security flaws or vulnerabilities. You can watch your network with these apps and see who else has connected to it and what is happening. 

FingThe created and analyzed reports can be downloaded in different formats. Fing uses Wake on Lan (WoL) and traceroute techniques to improve your network connections’ security. All these features are free to use.


4. Network Scanner

Network Scanner is an amazing app that can scan and list every device linked to a specific network. Both wired and wireless devices connected to your network will be listed. You can also get the IP address, Mac Address, Device Name, and Manufacturer of the device using it. 

Network ScannerTo constantly be aware of the presence of a new invader in your network, this Android app might save the list of known devices and inform you if any new devices have entered the network. However, it still needs to be capable of automatically terminating connections.


5. Wifi Tools

Our next inclusion shows connected devices, Wi-Fi signal information, speed, etc., to the users. The app can provide the IP addresses, MAC addresses, vendor names, and wireless access points (WAP, AP) of network invaders and allow you to Ping the device, Scanning the Port, and even Blocking the User from Wi-Fi. 

Wifi ToolsMoreover, with Wi-Fi tools, you can see the bandwidth speed, encryption type, and frequency to determine the optimum usage patterns and performance improvements. Additionally, there are tabs for Access points and connections that display networks defined by the SSID.


6. Wifiman

It is another wifi analyzer tool you can use on your Android device. Wifi Man shows all the information about the Wi-Fi and cellular network you’re connected to. It also displays the Wi-Fi network you’re on, the SSID, BSSID, vendor, and subnet mask.

WifimanThe IP address, mobile carrier name, country code, and MMC/MNS are provided if connected to a cellular network. You can copy this data to save it somewhere else. The app also offers a LAN tool to scan a Wi-Fi network to reveal which other devices are connected.


7. IP Tools

IP Tools is an application that provides extensive information on nearby wireless networks. The SSID, MAC address, connection quality, network security, and vendor of each network are also visible. Besides, you can also see who’s connected to your wifi network.

IP Tools

The channel used by each router is also displayed so you can change it if there appears to be interference between them. To help you identify the best Wi-Fi networks to connect to, a color-coded live graph displays the signal strength of each network.


8. Wifi Thief Detector

There are many basic networking functions in Wifi Thief Detector, such as discovering each connected device’s hostname, IP address, MAC address, etc. If necessary, you can also use the Wake-On-LAN, remote shutdown, hidden shares, remote registry, and remote services functions.

Wifi Thief Detector

The best part of the app is that each result can be exported as a separate text file or copied individually. The Wi-Fi Thief detector is free and has an easy-to-use interface.



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