Speedtest.net is normally used to test the speed of the internet connection. It can be especially be used when you are using public wifi, to check the speed. It sends data to a direct TCP socket and tests the connection, instead of sending data over HTTP.

This service is a free web service available on multiple platforms. Even though it is one of the most used tools by many users, there are some drawbacks of the service like it has more annoying heavy graphics.

And the test locations are mainly available in Europe and North America. So, if you want to check out the speed of your Internet connection, Speedtest.net is not the only one to use, there are many other tools available easily for free.

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List of Best Speedtest.net Alternatives You Can Use

Below are some of the most reputed websites to check your internet downloading, uploading, and latency. In addition, you can check your ping server, internet service provider, and origin.

1. Fast.com


Fast.com is used to see how fast your internet speed is on broadband or your mobile phone. It is helpful to you to check who’s at fault when you are having issues while streaming or using browsers. This site is very easy to use, you just need to open the webpage and it starts checking the speed of your internet connection.

Website: https://fast.com/

2. SpeedOf.Me


SpeedOf.Me directly uploads or downloads a sample file of around 128kb to 128Mb from your browser to test your internet connection. To verify whether the internet connection is tested properly, the website tests the bandwidth in a few passes.

As compared to other speed tests, this site measure connection speeds in different range. It starts from 10Kbps Mobile GPRS to a fast 100 Mbps or higher.

Website: https://speedof.me/index.html

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3. nPerf


nPerf app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices to test your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection quality. It is one of the best ways of testing the Internet connection within a few seconds. First, this app checks the speed of the greatest transfer and downloads of your Internet. After this, it will check the persuing speed like how quickly the webpages like Google and Facebook are opened.

nPerf app does not collect any private data as it only collects geo-localized statistics. These statistics data which is collected is used to characterize the operator networks. The data which is collected by this app are geo-localization, network information, device type and model, tests measurements, and more.

Website: https://www.nperf.com/en/ (Download App)

4. TestMy.net


If you are looking for an app or a website that provides more information than the normal speed. TestMy.net runs a process of tests and gives a lot of important info. It has separate download and transfer tests, so make sure you check on both separately.

This bandwidth speed test was developed in 1996 and has given the best performance since then. Most of them choose TestMy.net as the results given by it are proven accurate.

Website: https://testmy.net/download

5. Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth place

It was founded in 2002, that started as a simple internet speed test tool that provides an accurate measure of internet performance. With the help of Bandwidth Place, you can test your data transmission on a PC, tablet, or telephone. Instead of downloading another speed test app, just get Bandwidth Place on your device to check the speed of your Wi-Fi.

It will naturally identify your device and the screen estimate. You have to click on “begin” and start testing speed. Bandwidth Place tests your transfer and download speed.

Website: https://www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/

6. Speakeasy Speed Test

Speakeasy speed test

It is an HTML5, non-flash bandwidth test that checks the download and upload speed of your browser. Speakeasy uses HTML5 technology to check the speed. Moreover, it also checks the line quality of the connection which comes from your broadband provider. Both the upload and download speed tests are measured in Mbps.

Website: https://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/


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