Do you want some editing of your YouTube videos on your iPhone before publishing? Well, anyone wants to do so. Because no one wants to compromise the quality.

But most of them are struggling to find a perfect iPhone video editing that can match their needs. Don’t worry. We have minimized the list of the best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone. And that’s all you need.

Best YouTube Video Editor Apps for iPhone

Here We List the best free youtube video editing apps for iPhone, iPad and iOS. You Can pick any app as per your need and edit videos on your iPhone like a pro.

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the best and most complete YouTube video editing apps for iPhone. What you need as an editor, KineMaster got you covered. Using its comprehensive features, you can edit recorded videos from basic to advanced levels.KineMaster

Its multilayer editing interface allows us to go through the editing timeline, where you can adjust audio, effects, trimming, and clips.

Using KineMaster, adding visual effects, stickers, fonts, and animations is child’s play. Since it supports 4K video editing, you can make a video more visually appealing. However, KineMaster is compatible with iPhones, iPad, and even iPods. But it works on iOS 10.3 and above.

2. InShot

InShotAnother considerable video editing app for iPhone and android. InShot is widely popular among iPhone users for its easy-to-use editing tools. It comes with all video editing tools, including a video cutter and splitter, a merger, a slideshow maker, and a compressor.

If you want to juggle text, fonts, emojis, visual effects, and stickers, then InShot is for you. You can adjust the speed of any video. Currently, it has 55+ transitions inside. Fade in/out, light, ghost, glitch, and slice are notable transitions.

3. iMovie

iMovieWithout iMovie, the best iPhone video editing apps list is incomplete. One of the most complete iPhone video editing tools offered by Apple. You can create Hollywood-style trailers and short films using its powerful editing features.

It has lots of clutter in the interface, but when you get used to iMovie, you will love to turn a simple video into a masterpiece. iMovie has all the required elements, such as dynamic visual effects, fonts, color pallets, filters, readymade templates, and layouts.

Its inbuilt creative 8 themes with matching titles, transitions, and music are a game changer compared to other editing apps. Try iMovie to make 4K cinematic view videos.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector, another handy video editing app, is available for iOS users. The full-featured editing apps offer many startling intros with animated titles.PowerDirector

Using Power Director, you can stabilize shaky cam footage with video stabilizers. Apart from that, all required editing tools are available inside the app. Adjusting video speed allows you to make a slow motion and fast-forward the video.

It has more than 4500 templates to use and text, animation, filters, and effects are available as usual.

5. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Splice is one of the perfect examples of amalgamations between simplicity and capability. Professional editing is not easy with the free editing tool, but Splice got you covered.Splice - Video Editor & Maker

This free app allows you to make a stunning video for YouTube upload. Trim, cut, crop, and adjusting exposure, contrast, and saturation is the cup of tea for anyone.

You can also get various filters, effects, vintage, orientations, and transitions. Additionally, it has more than 6000 royalty-free music to use directly and unlimited images from Shutterstock.

6. Filmmaker Pro

The filmmaker pro is another free YouTube video editing app for iPhone users. Using Filmmaker pro, you can create and maintain unlimited projects.Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker provides you with more than 220 impressive graphics. Along with that, you can trim, crop, rotate, and split a video. The reverse video tool is also helpful.

Its drawing tool, such as brush, eraser, and opacity, are easily convenient with the Apple pencil on the iPad. You can use its royalty-free music on your video. Regardless of all its features, Filmmaker pro is one best editing apps.

7. GoPro

If you want to edit your videos quickly, then you can try GoPro. The best thing about GoPro is its quick automatic editing feature. GoPro picks the best shots, adds music to them, and even transitions; the cinematic view will be done without anything. Isn’t it good?GoPro

Otherwise, GoPro has all editing features in it. It can be a handy video editing app for fast-forward video rendering. Its GoPro camera will allow you to control the camera remotely. That is why GoPro Quik is slightly more diverse than other editing tools.

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Abode Premier Rush is another solid video editing app for content creators on the iOS platform. You can arrange videos, photos, and graphics with a simple drag-and-drop gesture.Adobe Premiere Rush

You can trim, flip, and crop a video effortlessly. Above all, it has customizable tools for enhancing color and adjusting speed.

Moreover, you will get filters, effects, and animations in the free version. You won’t be satisfied with the free version until you purchase the pro. Many remarkable features are available to use in the pro.

9. VideoShow

VideoShow is a pretty useful video editor for iOS users and is a fully packed editor with many useful features. You can use its various types of filters, effects, stickers, and sound effects to make your YouTube video more appealing.VideoShow

VideoShow has a few ready-made templates for you; you can use them. Edit, merge, crop, split, invert, copy, rotate, speed-adjust, zoom in and zoom out are other notable features that need to be mentioned. You can try out VideoShow for your YouTube video editing.

10. Magisto

Magisto was recognized as the best video editing tool in 2019 by Apple. Magisto is continuing the legacy with pride. You can create a beautiful video using its inbuilt templates and themes in a short period.Magisto

Besides all basic editing features, Magisto uses artificial intelligence to give stabilization, object detection, filters, and effects in automation. But you have to pay for all its premium features.

Final Words

It is not an easy task to find the best YouTube video editing apps for iPhone for anyone for the first time. But we have done it for you for an easy pick. Let me know which app you are using.


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