, one of the most popular pirate sites, has its home domain put on hold by its registrar.

While the official reason was still unknown, the clientHold status code determines it as a legal or administrative issue. It’s unsure whether the website will be later or not, but it’s inaccessible as of now. Loses Its Domain

While several players in the content piracy industry, one prominent one that rose to popularity quickly is the since 2015, this name YTS was taken over by Techmodo Limited in 2015 from the original YTS owners been running since then.

But, it hasn’t been stable, though. The official domain of the YTS was changed a few times, from to to, before finally settling with Yet, it faces a slew of trademark and content copyright issues frequently.

Now, for unknown reasons, the main domain of YTS is down and is not resolving when accessed. So while the company still says is its official domain, it’s been down for a few hours. And when checked through the register, it said “clientHold.”

The clientHold status code, as per ICANN means, is held by the domain registrar during “legal disputes, non-payment,” or when a “domain is subject to deletion.” While the official reason behind this inaccessibility is unknown yet, it could most likely be the piracy issue.

This is simple to guess, as the site deals with a lot of such stuff, and any aggrieved user complaining to its domain registrar with adequate proof can trigger this action. The Hawaiian company 42 Ventures could be one of them, as it previously blamed and sued the YTS team over domain authority.

But, when asked by TorrentFreak, the 42 Ventures team denied any complaining. Thus, it could be done by someone else or related to a whole different issue.

Within five years in service, has grown to be a popular pirate destination, raking in millions of users monthly and standing face-to-face against The Pirate Bay even.


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