In the current days, Hillary Clinton has been thought for the theories of system and proposal. There are not a single but several things considered. One of the important things is that it is to be estimated that Tulsi Gabbard, a Russian asset, will be the candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. He is the previous former secretary of the state. He is the one who comments on the podcast. Still is not that scheme or system, but there are some other things as she falls in the interview.

Along with the above-discussed things, Hillary Clinton claimed that the system of voting and the joint network with them is hacked by the children who are just ten years old.

Hillary Makes Comment on Arriving US Election 2020

10 Years Old are Hacking our Voting System Stated by Hillary Clinton, No Tight Security
10 Years Old are Hacking our Voting System Stated by Hillary Clinton, No Tight Security

They said that you people know that up to what extent interference has made in the elections, but they don’t even know about it. They said that they don’t know about the social system which was accepted and admitted in the public place, the statement is given during the podcast by Hillary Clinton.

They also claimed that they know that they are really weak at this point. As everyone is well aware and known about it that the people at the age of can hacked the voting system and the built network that is connected with them.

There are four major problems in which they are hanged. No government shows interest in making the elections protective and built a strong system for the elections. Daily it is happening that the voting system is hacked by him or him.

There are many children and other people who are participating in the DefCon Voting Machine Hacking Village; they have to attempt hacking the websites or accounts and replacement of the posted information in the accounts as well as on the websites.

The above competition is clearly showing the weakest voting and protection system in the locality. It is a shameful thing that there is no tight security as the children even able to break it easily. The things may be shown as hazardous for the country because if there is no hard and powerful security, then one must spread fake news, and it tends to conflict in the future. It is not good for the nation because we know hacking the official websites and make changes in it going to affect the things worst.


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