Last year a 16-year-old hacker got into Apple’s server and leaked a lot of secured information. Now a similar case has occurred but the accused here is 13 years only. These teens used a VPN to hide their identity and hacked secured files of Apple. The Apple systems have noted their serial numbers and helped in tracking them. Apple reported them to FBI, FBI worked along with the Australian Federal Police and was able to catch the accused.

Both of these Hackers used Macbooks to Access the Data

13 Year Old Boy Who Hacked into Apple Servers
13 Year Old Boy Who Hacked into Apple Servers ( Reuse Image Credits –

The court has sentenced probation to both the kids. The 13-year old visited court and defended himself against the charges. The term’s lawyer stated that the kid is too young and he wasn’t aware that he is committing such a big crime. He just wanted to work for Apple and hence tried to grab their attention this way. The court sympathized for this naive yet skillful teenager.

Magistrate David White told that “the kid is a truly gifted person but he shouldn’t misuse the gift that he got.” The entire world is relying on computers and the people doing these kinds of things can cause huge damages.

In the end, the court didn’t convict the teen and just imposed a fine of 500 USD. The police will be closely monitoring the kid for nine months.

Apple decided to stay mum about this issue. Previously the company stated that they are very strict about the security issues and take enormous care. “Our teams recognized unauthorized access to our files and hence tracked that person down. We take a great sense of responsibility towards the data of our customers and make sure that it won’t be compromised.”

Source – DigitalTrends


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