Modern applications are increasingly moving to a shareware distribution model. To access all features, they usually ask you to subscribe or watch a bunch of ads. But it’s often easier to pay once and no longer worry about any intricacies. We’ve collected apps for the iPhone that you wouldn’t mind spending money on – both for everyday tasks and for creativity. The selection even includes games.

Income OK

A simple and intuitive app for accounting finances to set up expense categories and enter all expenses, payments, or transfers. At the end of the month, a schedule is drawn up – it becomes clear where all the salary went. If you manage a joint budget, you can synchronize data via iCloud. 

Noir Dark Mode for Safari

This app enables dark themes for websites in Safari at night. If they don’t have their own dark theme, the browser still won’t be blindingly white. You can configure rules and exceptions for the desired sites.

By the way, for instance, using applications powered by the radaris data engine, users can perform comprehensive searches that yield detailed information about properties, including owner details, property value, and neighborhood statistics. These advanced search features enable users to obtain a holistic view of an address, aiding in better decision-making.


A sleep tracker with graphs and statistics, the app tracks sleep stages using Apple Watch and gives recommendations on when to wake up and go to bed.


Activity tracker with a bunch of settings. Records different types of workouts: running, walking, cycling, swimming. Remembers statistics for each activity, builds graphs and compares indicators. If the standard rings in the Apple app aren’t enough, you’ll find everything you need here.

Yam Display

The application turns an iPhone or iPad into an additional screen for a macOS computer and expands the desktop. Works better and more stable than the official Sidecar. To run, you need to install the server part of the utility on your computer from the developer’s website.

EpocCam Webcamera

It allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam for a computer running macOS or Windows. The camera can be connected via wire or WiFi. To start, you need to install the server part on your computer from the developer’s website.

Things 3

One of the most powerful note-taking and time management apps. It is based on the popular Getting Things Done technique to keep all tasks under control. There is a widget for the home screen and synchronization with other devices via iCloud.

Creative apps


Application for texts and notes. Supports different themes, saves documents for offline use, and shares files with your other devices via iCloud.

Procreate Pocket

The mobile version of the best graphics application for iPad. You don’t need a tablet or stylus; you can draw directly with your finger on the smartphone screen. There are brushes, layers and other attributes of a serious graphics editor.

FL Studio Mobile

A multifunctional sampler for music creation has been adapted to work on the iPhone. Allows you to create tracks and mix audio tracks.

ProCam 8

One of the best applications with manual camera settings. If you often need to set the shutter speed yourself or change the ISO or white balance, this app is for you.


A good alternative to Photoshop. It is distributed by subscription and is very limited compared to the desktop version, but in Pixelmator, the opposite is true. Has all the necessary tools for photo editing.

Nomad Sculpt

The most powerful 3D modeling app for iPhone and iPad. Here you can create your own models or prepare files for printing on  a 3D printer. The built-in library of templates and starter lessons will help you figure it out.


An advanced video editor for iPhone and iPad allows you to edit videos at a professional level. Supports layers, tracks and effects, allowing you to colorize frames. There are many templates, libraries and ready-made presets.


This is the Police

Simulator of a corrupt cop. The player controls the head of the police station and makes important decisions every day: you need to please the mafia, local residents, the mayor’s office, and at the same time not lose the respect of your subordinates. The development of the plot depends on the choices – there are several endings, and not all of them are good.

Plague Inc.

Pandemic simulator. The player controls a virus, bacteria or parasite and must exterminate humanity. It is necessary to choose methods of spread, pump up symptoms and add dangerous complications. People will not sit still and will begin developing a vaccine – this process can also be slowed downю


A game about racing for survival with many competitions: from racing on lawn mowers to fighting on self-propelled sofas. Various tracks, car upgrades and realistic destruction models. The game is released by the publishers of the legendary FlatOutю

7 Wonders Duel

A dueling version of the famous board game “7 Wonders”. You need to lay out cards, build wonders of the world and prevent your opponent from gaining victory points. The application is well adapted for the iPhone screen; you can play with a bot, together on one device or over the network. The games are quick and will take 10-12 minutes.

Pocket City 2

Urban planning simulator adapted for mobile OS. There is a deep gameplay, many opportunities and indicators of the city’s development. At the same time, playing on an iPhone and iPad is comfortable, all controls are at hand, and it’s easy to understand the game mechanics.

Papers, Please

Another mobile adaptation of a classic PC game is a simulator of a customs officer in the fictional country of Arstotzka. Every game day you will have to make a choice: help ordinary people or act according to the law, side with the rebels or uncover a conspiracy against the government. The ending depends on the player’s decisions.

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Popular survival game in mobile format. We collect resources, craft items and try to survive another night.

Farming Simulator 23

A real farm on your smartphone. The game contains more than 100 pieces of agricultural equipment, two large maps and many missions of varying difficulty levels.

Streets of Rage 4

Exciting bitmap. Everything is classic: combinations of attacks, crowds of opponents and bosses. If you want to complete the game on a high difficulty level, it is better to connect a gamepad.

Terraforming Mars

Another adaptation of a board game on a mobile platform. The player will have to colonize Mars and prepare it for future settlers. You can play with a bot or online. You’ll have to read a lot – knowledge of English will come in handy.

Death Stranding

The game was transferred from consoles and PC to show off the full power of the iPhone 15 Pro. The application takes up 13 GB , another 40 GB will be downloaded as you progress. The player will have to control a courier in a fantasy world of the future – get ready for leisurely movement through beautiful locations. The price tag is high, but the purchase is transferred to a tablet and laptop from Apple with one ID.


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