The debate about the Huawei’s involvement in the 5G network in India is still going on. The government of India is already clear with its intentions of bringing the 5G network to country. The higher commission is hesitating in accepting the involvement of Chinese companies in the 5G trails and this involves Huawei too. The fear of the Chinese government using our technology and secrets is still persistent.

Chinese Vendors are Completely Out From the Trails

As the entire world has started embracing the 5G technology India also started the same. A special high-level committee has been organized under the leadership of K Vijay Raghavan. He said that India will be starting its first trials on the 5G network pretty soon.

5G Panel in India want to Start 5G Network Without Huawei
5G Panel in India want to Start 5G Network Without Huawei

He highlighted that the Chinese vendors aren’t going to compete in these trails. This committee includes members from various departments. Intelligent Bureau, home ministry, telecom ministry, Ministry of external affairs, IT ministry officials are a part of this committee.

The committee released report just days after the US president has banned the Chinese company Huawei completely. All the US-based companies have stopped working with Huawei now. Although there are some countries who are supporting Huawei, there are so many that are opposing and India is one of them.

Recently last month the Huawei India head has written a letter for the telecom ministry asking them to take the decision of involving Huawei in country’s 5G network independently. He asked the minister to not succumb to any pressures from other countries. Although the company has assured repeatedly that they are not leaking any secrets, India hasn’t let them participate in the trials. Getting an opportunity to take part in these trails is very important for Huawei.


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