Past two days, there have been tons of rumors doing the rounds after the Times made a statement that WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms shall be coerced to disclose encrypted messages to agencies of law for protection. This is mainly in protection against pedophiles, terrorists and other infidels.

It would be a huge attack on the privacy of people throughout the world. Moreover, it isn’t simple as reports can be misleading as they can give faulty reports. Yes, protection should be crucial but at this moment the handing of such massive secure data to law agencies will be frowned upon from all quarters.

More News Regarding The Development Of Encryption Disclosure

At July the Home Secretary of  U.K., Priti Patel raised the hue and cry to Facebook over a possible red flag to extend end-to-end encryption more. She was very sure of her stand on the issue.

A Secret Gateway For Encrypted Messages For WhatsApp And Facebook

Encrypted messaging information can also act as metadata that floats across platforms. The privacy of such forums where billions and trillions of messages should be respected. However, when such encryption breaks down it becomes a matter of national security.

A data-sharing agreement could solve the issue at hand and would render the U.K. the rights to request data from the USA. However, the protocols are extensive and a lot of policies will come into play

For encryption to take place across  WhatsApp and other social media, extensive technical changes would be warranted. Moreover, they will be excluding modes like Telegram that fall outside the purview of these rules. Technology like encryption has been made to protect data and issues of such magnitude if implemented will create a tremendous buzz across the world of tech.

This indeed requires much debate and we will be waiting for further development to see whether such breach for protection will be allowed.

Source – TheTimes


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