The cable that you use to charge your Android or iPhone or to connect them to the computer is now turned into a hacking tool. Therefore the hackers can attack you remotely with the help of this cable. They can access your PC with ease. The hacker usually goes by the name OMG and develop Wi-Fi implant which is generally put into the charging cables with ease.

In other words, hackers can get into the PC and access it from anywhere in the world. They can start sending the phishing pages for the users and trap them. After that, the attacker can lock the screen stopping the user from getting their hands on the system anymore.

Cable Goes By The Name O.M.G and Hacker Posted About It On Twitter

iPhone Charging Cable can Hijack your Computer
iPhone Charging Cable can Hijack your Computer

The hacker MG himself posted about this cable on social media platform Twitter. In that video, it was clear about how one can hack the system with it. He exhibited this in annual Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas.

The custom PCB module will replace the original board present in the cable. The major drawback of this hacking tool is that the hacker should work within the prescribed range in Wi-Fi. He can also connect with any of the nearby Wi-Fi modules too but the distance from the user is going to matter a lot with this tool.

MG is aiming to make this tool legitimate and use it for only good purposes. As of now, he is working with Hak5, a pentest tool seller. Currently, this board is for only Apple cables but MG is planning to expand its usage to Android devices too. He is also planning to expand its usage for various types of products and this includes the normal USB connectors too. MG is working with various security researchers to make expand the usage.


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